About Cansumer

Cansumer is an independent, unbiased list of the best companies and gear available to Canadians who want to save the time and stress of figuring out what to buy and where to buy it.

Cansumer’s mission is to help Canadians buy better and save money.

Cansumer’s vision is to provide Canada-centric answers to all of Canada’s questions.

Local Business Listings

We only list the top 3 restaurants, professionals, mechanics, etc. in each city so that you can easily make a decision.

We do the due diligence to save you time.
Cansumer’s staff members narrow down the options available and handpicks the 3 best options by reviewing 25 different factors for each business including their ratings, reviews, reputation, history and prices. We only display verified businesses and our listings are updated with the best new businesses and latest information on a regular basis.

See: Our Selection Criteria

What Makes Us Unique?

There are many business listings out there, but most are not user-friendly. They are either out of date, pay to play, owned by US-based companies or even huge, publicly listed companies or all of the above (*ahem* – Yelp). In some cases, the websites you find are run by a company that sells that particular product or service and the articles read more like a sales pitch than down to earth advice.

Cansumer is Canadian owned and operated.

100% Free and Unbiased

No pay to play. Businesses cannot pay to be listed and all the information we provide is and always will be completely free.

We Promote Canadian Businesses

Whenever possible, we focus on listing and promoting local businesses instead of large, international corporations who happen to have a location in your city. Local businesses provide better, more personal service than the big guys more often than not. They know their area, their customers and truly care about them.

We Keep it Simple

Cansumer keeps it simple by providing you with a quick snapshot of each business we list including the name, email address, phone number, map and website. That way you have all the information you need at your finger tips to interact with business in the exact way you want – sending them a text, email or getting directions in Google Maps. None of their information is hidden and you do not have to sign up to our site to access it.

We want to hear from you! Whether you want to recommend a business or make a suggestion to help us improve, please drop us a line!


Cansumer Team

Logos & Badges

If your business is listed on our website, you have our permission to link our logo or badge on your website and other social platforms.

These badges are for the best businesses and professionals to showcase their accomplishments, like how long they’ve been a Cansumer Top Business, amazing customer reviews, or what inspired them to start their businesses.

Now, the 3 Best Businesses can include a stylized link to their profile or interview page directly on their website. It’s the best way to show potential new customers they’re great at what they do.

If you need even higher resolutions or vector files, for printing/stickers/decals, please email us.