Awards & Badges We Offer

Awards We Offer

Cansumer was founded with a simple premise: help consumers find the best products and services in Canada. Our endorsements help readers easily navigate a crowded marketplace to find the best of those products that fit their lifestyle.

We connect people and products, and our endorsements instill confidence in our readers as they make purchasing decisions.

Every pick on our site is an award winner, and being named best in class by our team of experts is news worth sharing. If you’re a manufacturer of a product that our editors named as the best, you can use our logo or editorial text to show potential customers how great your gear is, all we ask is that you link back to us as the source in return.

Product Awards

Products recommended by our staff or singled out for our awards are rigorously researched by our fiercely independent team. We also have an in-depth guide on how we research products.

Cansumer Pick

Cansumer keeps up to date lists showcasing the best products, explaining in simply language why we picked it, who it’s for, and why you should buy it. If a product makes it past the research and review phase into a list or buyer’s guide, its a Cansumer Pick.

Editors’ Choice

While no product is ever perfect, there’s one out there that’s perfect for you. Our experts review products in dozens of categories, compare them against each other, and score, rate, and rank them. Only the top 3 selected receive the Cansumer Editors’ Choice award.

Best Product

A popular category may have dozens of products that are really good — good enough that we pick them or even award them our Editors’ Choice. But which is the best of the best? The one given the Best Product award.

Recommended Product

Following thorough benchmark testing, hand-testing and real-world use by our experts, Cansumer recommends products that meet our exacting standards. Products that carry this stamp of approval stand out from the crowd, moving the needle in terms of price, performance, and quality.

‘Canadian Made’ Badges

The requirements to declare a product as “Made in Canada” or “Product of Canada” are somewhat rigid, strict and impractical and the mathematical approach used is unknown to many (if not most) Canadian consumers.

Whether products are designed, engineered, assembled, brewed, cooked, sewn, built, smithed, created, steeped, tailored, honed, prepared, arranged, woven, fashioned or roasted in Canada we think that’s something worth celebrating and the small, Canadian-owned businesses that make them deserve recognition for their efforts. That’s why we created an original series of ‘Canadian Made’ badges.

If your product fits the description of one of these, please get in touch and we’ll happily provide you with the high quality, customizable image files.

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Using Cansumer Awards & Badges

Every pick on our site is an award winner, and being named best in class by our team of experts is news worth sharing. The awards we give are the seals of approval people look for when deciding what option is best for their homes and lives.

Is your product mentioned on our site? We encourage the use of our badges and logos on your site, in your advertising, on your product packaging, and wherever else you want it to go. But we also ask that you request permission when doing so. Award logos are restricted to winners of the award and to the specific product that received it, and we must approve all creative material before it’s distributed.