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Best N95 & Medical Face Masks Made in Canada

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Updated May 30, 2023

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)’s guidance states that masks are one of the most effective individual public health measures that we can use to protect ourselves and others and while non-medical masks can help, medical masks and respirators provide better protection.

They can all be worn in the community, but the effectiveness of non-medical masks can vary considerably and depends on material, construction, fit and proper use.

Face masks are an important ‘piece of the puzzle’ along with good hygiene (keep washing your hands), physical distancing, proper ventilation, staying at home when you’re sick and limiting gathering sizes (preferably outdoors).

The following are respirators and medical masks being manufactured by Canadian companies here in Canada.

N95 certified respirators made in Canada

How we picked

The following respirators are:

N95 US standard

Respirators designated as N95 under the US standard (list of NIOSH-approved respirators) are considered the highest level of mask protection as they must meet established requirements for breathability, fluid resistance and filtering out a high percentage of 0.3 micrometre aerosols (the most penetrating size):

  • N95: ≥95%
  • N99: ≥99%
  • N100: ≥99.97%

CA-N95 Canadian standard

The Canadian Standard Association’s (CSA) standard Z94.4.1:21 – Performance of filtering respirators published on October 29, 2021 and recognized by Health Canada includes equivalent performance testing and quality requirements to the “N95” designation offered in 42 CFR 84 approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the US. Tests include filter performance, airflow resistance, strap strength, fit and comfort.

In addition, it offers the following additional requirements and enhancements:

  • Quantitative fit test on both sexes, and a variety of face/head sizes and shapes as well as at least one eyeglass wearer. At least 70% of the test subjects must maintain an acceptable fit.
  • -100Pa suffix (eg. CA-N95-100Pa) to indicate ≤100Pa airflow resistance (lower number = better breathability)
  • -F suffix (eg. CA-N95-F) to indicate fluid (blood spray) and flammability (burn rate) resistance
  • Validation of a given shelf life

Recommended if you are:

  • in a closed indoor space with other people for a significant period of time
  • unable to social distance for a significant period of time
  • at risk of more severe disease or outcomes
  • at higher risk of exposure because of their living situation

Vitacore CAN99 9500 N95 Surgical Respirator

  • Price: ~$2.70 each
  • Performance: ≥99% filtration FFP3 (Test Results), NIOSH Certified N95 Surgical Respirator, ASTM Level 3 Surgical Respirator (>160 mmHg blood penetration resistance)
  • Layers: 4
  • Secured by: Headbands
  • Nose wire: Aluminum
  • Sizes: Medium-small to medium
  • Manufactured in Burnaby, BC by Vitacore (MDEL 14554) also available through Canada Strong Masks

3M Aura 1870+ Health Care N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator

Also available at eGrimesDirect, Canadian Safety Supplies, United Canada, Sycorp

  • Price: $4 each
  • Performance: NIOSH Approved N95 (≥95% particulate filtration)
  • Layers: 3
  • Secured by: Headbands
  • Nose wire: Aluminum
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Ontario by 3M (MDEL 619)

3M Aura 9205+ N95 NIOSH Certified Particulate Respirator

Also sold at United Canada.

  • Price: $2 each
  • Performance: >95% NIOSH-approved N95
  • Layers: 3
  • Secured by: Headbands
  • Nose wire: Aluminum
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Brockville, Ontario by 3M (MDEL 619)

95PFE respirators made in Canada

CAN95e Particulate Respirator

Black Respirator Mask

  • Price: ~$1.59 each
  • Performance: 95PFE (Test Report)
  • Layers: 4
  • Secured by: Headbands or ear loops
  • Nose wire: Metal
  • Sizes: Kids, Small, Medium, Large
  • Manufactured in Richmond Hill, Ontario by Canada Masq

Dent-X Canada FN-N95-508 Disposable Respirator Mask

Layfield 95PFE-L3 Particulate Respirator

  • Price: $1.49 each
  • Performance: ASTM Level 3, 95PFE (Test Report)
  • Layers: 3
  • Secured by: Ear loops
  • Nose wire: Plastic Polymer with metal iron wire
  • Sizes: One-size (13+)
  • Manufactured in Richmond, BC by Layfield Medical Products (MDEL 13512)

Eclipse Innovations ARC N95 Equivalent Respirator

  • Price: $1.28 each
  • Performance: Class 7204 02* CSA Respirator Certification, ASTM Level 3
  • Layers: 3
  • Secured by: Headbands
  • Nose wire: Aluminum
  • Sizes: Medium, large
  • Manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario by Eclipse Innovations (MDEL 12405)

C95 Level Respirator

  • Price: $1.90 each
  • Performance: PFE95
  • Layers: 3
  • Secured by: Headbands
  • Nose wire: Aluminum
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Saskatoon, SK by Benchmark PPE (MDEL 13460)

Licensed distributors

Disposable medical masks made in Canada

In general, medical masks are considered better than non-medical ones, but are not as effective as an N95 respirator. Great for popping into the grocery store to grab a couple of items, going into a cafe to pick up a coffee or walking along a crowded street.

Recommended for:

  • those at risk of more severe disease or outcomes
  • those at higher risk of exposure because of their living situation

They must meet established standards for breathability, fluid resistance and filtration based on ASTM F2100-21. Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) is the percent of 0.1 micrometres particulate filtered out and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) is the percent of 3 micrometres bacteria filtered out:

  • ASTM Level 1: ≥95% BFE & PFE
  • ASTM Level 2: ≥98% BFE & PFE
  • ASTM Level 3: ≥98% BFE & PFE

Nova Institute Black Level 3 Surgical Mask

  • Price: $0.20 each
  • Performance: ATSM Level 3
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Aluminum
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Oakville, ON by Nova Institute (MDEL 12145)

Eclipse OMNIA ATSM Level 3 Surgical Mask

  • Price: $0.39 each
  • Performance: ATSM Level 3
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Aluminum
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Ontario

BioMask ASTM Level 3 Procedural Mask

  • Price: $0.30 each
  • Performance: ATSM Level 3
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Plastic-coated steel
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Waterloo, Ontario
  • Tested to biodegrade 6.5% in 45 days (excluding ear loops and nosebridge)

ASTM Level 3 Adults Black Procedure Disposable Face Mask

  • Price: $0.46 each
  • Performance: ASTM Level 3 (Test Report)
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Adjustable metal
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Ontario by Canada Masq

Breathe Prime Defense ASTM Level 3

  • Price: $0.30 each
  • Performance: ATSM Level 3
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Adjustable
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Kelowna, BC by Breath Medical Manufacturing

Humask Pro 3000

  • Price: $0.50 each
  • Performance: ATSM Level 3
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Adjustable
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Manufactured in Louisville, QC

Best 3-layer reusable masks made in Canada

PHAC recommends wearing non-medical face masks with at least 3 layers – 2 of which should be tightly woven fabric such as cotton or linen with a filter-type layer between them – ideally the same type of filter used in respirators. There are currently no standard requirements for non-medical masks sold in Canada.

There are a wide variety of Canadian-made, reusable and machine washable non-medical mask options available that meet these specifications, fit comfortably around your face and ears and look great and fashionable at the same time:

Best overall – Bring Your Own Mask (BYOM)

  • Materials: Lightweight, soft fabric
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Flat Copper Rounded-end Nosewire
  • Sizes: Adult, Kids
  • Canadian made

BYOM’s masks are machine washable and feature a wide variety of fine art and graphic designs to choose from – many from Canadian artists such as the Jelly Bean Hill by Darlene Kulig (above) which features the warmth and beauty of the landscape in The Battery, St. John’s. Most options donate some of the proceeds to causes such as the Artist Fund, Daily Bread Food Bank or Saugeen Memorial Hospital Fund.

The stitching of the mask is secure and feels sturdy and the inner polypropylene filter layer is comfortable to wear against your face. The ear bands are elasticated and are of average thickness. The mask fits well.

Best for kids – Peace Collective

  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Layers: 2 + 1 disposable filter sheet
  • Nose wire: Yes
  • Sizes: Adult, Kids
  • Spongebob, Sesame Street, Paw Patrol designs

Peace Collective masks for kids are handmade in Toronto. You get 2 for $30, and they’re available in black or maroon. The 2-layer masks are made from 100% cotton, and they have a nose wire to help ensure a snug fit, plus soft elastic ear loops that minimize discomfort. For every pair of masks they sell, Peace Collective donates a mask to SickKids Foundation.

Best 100% mulberry silk – SoftStrokeSilk on Etsy

  • Materials: 19 momme 100% mulberry silk charmeuse
  • Layers: 2 + filter pocket (comes with filter)
  • Nose wire: Yes
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Made in Toronto, ON

Soft, light and breathable while having 3 layers, these masks are great for those with sensitive skin as it reduces irritation. The lack of friction can make them more likely to shift around than a typical mask, but the adjustable ear straps allow you to get the fit “just right”. The nose wire isn’t as strong as some other masks, so it may be hard to get a tight fit along your cheeks to prevent glasses from fogging. Each mask comes with a PM 2.5 filter to be placed in the pocket.

Their Earth Collection comes in 6 colours, but the lustrous Jewel Collection and nature-inspired Plant Collection.

To clean, handwash in cold water with a mild detergent, rinse and squeeze gently and hang to dry.

Best silk & cotton – Nathon Kong

  • Materials: 100% mulberry silk outer layer, 100% cotton inner layer
  • Layers: 2 + filter pocket
  • Nose wire: Yes
  • Sizes: One-size

Each design is a numbered limited edition by one of their artists. The one shown above is by the Chilean painter Sergio Larenas and tells of his journey with mental health issues.

10% of the proceeds are donated to the non-profit Les Impatients which helps raise awareness about and support those with mental health concerns.


  • Materials: 100% Woven Polyester or Organza or Taffeta
  • Layers: 2 + filter pocket
  • Nose wire: No
  • Sizes: One-size (M)

The Peoples Mask

  • Materials: 100% cotton inside, 100% Polyacetate outside, 100% cotton inner pocket
  • Layers: 2 + filter pocket – PM 2.5 melt blown carbon filter included
  • Nose wire: No
  • Sizes: S/M, M/L
  • Fits firmly. Head straps or ear loops.

Toronto luxury lounge and swimwear designer Shanté Renee of Vanity Couture and Edmonton internet entrepreneur Martha Tessema teamed up remotely to design and manufacture these securely fitting, colourful and glam reusable face masks.


  • Materials: 100% cotton lining, 100% polyester outside
  • Layers: 2 + 100% polypropylene
  • Nose wire: Yes
  • Sizes: S, M
  • Adjustable satin strings

Best custom personalized – Handsome and Lace

  • Materials:
  • Layers: 3
  • Nose wire: Yes
  • Sizes: Kids, XS, S, M, L, Beard
  • Custom image or logo


  • Materials: 100% premium cotton or linen
  • Layers: 2 + filter pocket
  • Nose wire: Yes
  • Sizes: One-size, Small/Regular

Ellie Mae

  • Materials: 100% cotton deadstock fabric
  • Layers: 2 + filter pocket (filters sold separately 10 for $7)
  • Nose wire: No
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Sewn in Toronto

Best reusable face masks from Canadian brands

Best overall – Devon + Lang

  • Materials: 90% modal, 8% spandex, 2% silver-ion fabric – Inner Layer: 85% modal, 8% alginate fiber, 7% spandex.
  • Layers: 3 – 2 layers of anti-bacterial silver infused modal fibre and a replaceable 5 layer carbon filter.
  • Nose wire: Available
  • Sizes: S, M, L
  • Designed in Calgary, AB

Devon + Lang’s reusable cloth masks have 3 layers of filtration. 2 layers of anti-microbial silver infused modal fibre and a replaceable carbon filter, our mask will help filter particles from the air you breathe in, and reduce the spread of particles you breathe out. They are still filtering 86% of the particles in the air, but doing so with an even more comfortable fabric.

Available in 3 colors, there are 3 sizes to choose from – small, medium and large. The masks are $15.


Over to you

We’re interested to know – what’s your favourite face mask? Help other Canadians find great options by sharing your favourite masks, fabrics, designs, and patterns in the comments below.

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  1. I would really like recommendations for best masks for people who wear glasses. I noticed that none of the models are wearing glasses.

    • Hi Shannon, thanks for your comment. I share this problem too! Look for a mask with an adjustable nose bridge such as the ones from BYOM, Vistaprint and Devon + Lang. The metal wire along the top edge can be moulded to your nose and cheeks to prevent air from blowing upward onto your glasses.

      Using anti-fog wipes or putting a small amount of dish soap on your lenses and wiping it away with a paper towel will leave behind a film that helps prevent fog from building up. You can also try pulling up your mask and placing your glasses overtop to help press the mask to your face. If that still doesn’t work, try placing a small strip of medical tape along the top of the mask.

      Hope this helps.