Step 2: Company Profile Interview

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The next step is to answer each of the questions below to complete the interview. Please answer each question as clearly, concisely, and with as many details as possible without copying and pasting from a website so that it reads more like an interview and less like marketing material.

An interview helps you build trust with potential customers by educating them about the services you offer, your approach to business and why they should choose you.

Most important of all, it helps you make more sales.

Please note: an interview submission is required before your business is published, but does not guarantee publication. Again, we are only looking for best-in-class Canadian businesses.

If you’d prefer, you can download a Google Doc with the questions here:
Cansumer Business Interview Questions

    • What is the name of the company?
    • When and where was it started? By whom?
    • Where is it located?
    • What does it make/sell/provide?
    • Why was it started?
    • Where did the idea come from?
    • What is your name? What is your position in the company?
    • What is your background?
    • How did that lead you to the company?
    • What gets you out of bed Monday morning?
    • What are your most popular product(s)/service(s)?
    • How much do they cost?
    • Who are your products for?
    • How are they used? What benefits do they provide? Why do customers like them?
    • How many have you sold? How many users do you have?
  • Give a summary of the steps in the process of how they’re made including designing, prototyping and manufacturing the product.
  • Which one(s) best describes your product(s)? If a description isn’t 100%, please specify the exact percentage.
    • Product of Canada
    • Made/Produced/Manufactured in Canada
    • Designed/Engineered in Canada - Where does the design take place (location, address)?
    • Assembled in Canada - Where is the product assembled (location, address)? Where are the materials sourced from?
    • Canadian owned - Who owns the company?
    • Canadian corporation - Is the company incorporated in Canada?
    • Headquartered in Canada - Where is the company’s head office (address)?
    • Any variation of the above that is the most accurate description of how Canadian the product is. For example "Roasted and blended in Canada" for coffee or a qualifying statement such as "Made in Canada from imported ingredients" eg. Brewed, Cooked, Sewn, Built, Smithed, Created, Steeped, Tailored, Honed, Prepared, Arranged, Woven, Fashioned
  • Please note the strict legal requirements to be called "Product of Canada" or "Made in Canada":

    Product of Canada
    1. the last substantial transformation of the good occurred in Canada; and
    2. all or virtually all (at least 98%) of the total direct costs of producing or manufacturing the good have been incurred in Canada.
    Made/Produced/Manufactured in Canada
    1. the last substantial transformation of the good occurred in Canada;
    2. at least 51% of the total direct costs of producing or manufacturing the good have been incurred in Canada; and
    3. the "Made in Canada" representation is accompanied by an appropriate qualifying statement, such as "Made in Canada with imported parts" or "Made in Canada with domestic and imported parts". This could also include more specific information such as "Made in Canada with 60% Canadian content and 40% imported content".
    • What makes it unique/noteworthy?
    • What makes it great?
    • (technology, mission, values, message, certifications, awards, charity work, etc)
    • What kind of warranty/guarantee do you offer?
  • Drop files here or
      Please provide 1 or more photos of the following: outside view of the company’s location, your employees and/or your most popular product(s). Companies that provide images drive more traffic to their websites.