All 44 Electric Vehicles Available in Canada

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Updated September 23, 2021

Electric vehicles come in 2 types: 

  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV): An all-electric vehicle that uses an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. It must be plugged in to be charged.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV): has a small combustion engine and an electric motor and can be charged by either the engine and generator or plugging it into a source of power.

Complete list of all electric vehicles in Canada

Canadians have a choice of 18 BEV and 26 PHEV vehicles:

MakeModelLinkTypeSize ClassClassMSRPFed. IncentiveSeatsComb L/100kmComb Le/100kmGas RangeElec. RangeL2 Charge (hr)Motor (kW)
Audie-tron sportbackVisit websiteBEVCompactSUV$93,400.00$2,500.005N/A3.05N/A32910265
AudiQ5 TFSI eVisit websitePHEVCompactSUV$69,900.00$0.0058.93.6595322.5185
BMW330eVisit websitePHEVCompactCar$48,204.00$2,500.005---35 (TBC)
BMW530eVisit websitePHEVCompactCar-$0.0058.73.453334370
BMW530e xDriveVisit websitePHEVCompactCar$71,804.00$0.0059.33.650031
BMW745Le xDriveVisit websitePHEVFull-sizeCar$126,054.00$0.00510.84.243526383
BMWi3 (120 Ah)Visit websiteBEVSubcompact HatchbackCar$47,819.00$5,000.004N/A2.08N/A2465125
BMWi3 REX (120 Ah)Visit websitePHEVSubcompactCar$56,469.00$5,000.0047.72.41162035125
BMWi3s (120 Ah)Visit websiteBEVSubcompactCar$55,469.00$5,000.004N/A2.08N/A246
BMWi3s REX (120 Ah)Visit websitePHEVSubcompactCar$57,859.00$5,000.0047.72.4116203
BMWi8 CoupeVisit websitePHEVSports Car$149,900.00$0.0028.73.448829396
BMWi8 RoadsterVisit websitePHEVSports Car$169,900.00$0.0028.73.448829396
BMWX3 xDrive30eVisit websitePHEVCompactSUV$63,244.7359.93.951229
BMWX5 xDrive45eVisit websitePHEVMid-sizeSUV$91,754.735 (7 opt) TBC----
ChevroletBolt EVVisit websiteBEVSubcompact HatchbackCar$44,998.00$5,000.005N/A2.04N/A4179.3150
ChryslerPacifica HybridVisit websitePHEVMinivan$52,090.00$5,000.0077.962.9784512.585
FordEscape SE Plug-In HybridVisit websitePHEVCompactSUV$37,549.00$2,500.0055.8--48
FordFusion Plug-In Hybrid SELVisit websitePHEVMid-sizeCar$33,430.00$2,500.0055.62.3940422.668
HondaClarity Plug-in HybridVisit websitePHEVMid-sizeCar$42,760.00$5,000.0055.62.1547772.5135
HyundaiIONIQ electricVisit websiteBEVMid-sizeCar$41,499.00$5,000.005N/A1.77N/A2746.588
HyundaiIONIQ plug-in hybridVisit webitePHEVMid-sizeCar$33,749.00$2,500.0054.52961472.332
HyundaiKona ElectricVisit webiteBEVSubcompactSUV$44,999.00$5,000.005N/A1.96N/A4159.3150
JaguarI-PACEVisit webiteBEVCompactSUV$89,800.00$0.005N/A3.09N/A377150
KarmaReveroVisit webitePHEVSports Car-$0.004--328604301
KiaNiro EVVisit webiteBEVCompactSUV$44,995.00$5,000.005N/A2.1N/A3859.5150
KiaNiro Plug-in HybridVisit webitePHEVCompactSUV$35,695.00$2,500.0055.12.2853422.2544.5
KiaOptima Plug-in HybridVisit webitePHEVMid-sizeCar$43,995.0055.72.396245
KiaSoul EV Limited (180 Ah)Visit webiteBEVSubcompactSUV$51,595.00$5,000.005N/A2.1N/A3839.481
KiaSoul EV Premium (120 Ah)Visit webiteBEVSubcompactSUV$42,595.00$5,000.005N/A2N/A248
Land RoverRange Rover PHEVVisit webitePHEVFull-sizeSUV$118,000.00$0.00511-742512.885
Land RoverRange Rover Sport PHEVVisit webitePHEVFull-sizeSUV$95,500.00$0.005 (7 opt)9.6--51
LincolnAviator Grand TouringVisit webitePHEVLargeSUV$81,000.00$0.00710.34.2713342.674
LotusEvijaVisit webiteBEVSports Car$2,600,000.00$0.002N/A-N/A434
Mercedes-BenzGLC 350e 4MATICVisit webitePHEVCompactSUV$61,200.00$0.005---21285
MINICooper SE 3 DoorVisit webiteBEVSubcompactCar$39,990.00$5,000.005N/A2.2N/A1778135
MINICooper SE Countryman ALL4Visit webitePHEVMid-sizeCar$46,865.00$2,500.00583.2451292.565
MitsubishiOutlander PHEV AWDVisit webitePHEVCompactSUV$43,998.00$2,500.0059.23.2463353.560
NissanLEAF (40 kWh)Visit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar$44,298.00$5,000.005N/A2.1N/A240680
NissanLEAF S PLUSVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar$46,898.00$5,000.005N/A2.2N/A363
PorscheCayenne E-HybridVisit webitePHEVMid-sizeSUV$93,000.00$0.005 (4 opt)11.25.7467623
PorschePanamera 4 E-HybridVisit webitePHEVFull-sizeCar$117,800.00$0.004 (5 opt)10.54.676823
PorscheTaycan TurboVisit webiteBEVSports Car$119,400.00$0.004 (5 opt)N/A3.4N/A40710390
SubaruCrosstrek Hybrid AWDVisit webitePHEVCompactSUV$42,495.00$2,500.0056.72.674727288
TeslaCybertruckVisit webiteBEVFull-sizeTruck---N/A-N/A400 to 800 (TBC)
TeslaModel 3 Long RangeVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar$67,990.00$0.005N/A1.8N/A531
TeslaModel 3 Long Range AWDVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar--5N/A2N/A518
TeslaModel 3 Long Range AWD Performance (18" Wheels)Visit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar$77,990.00$0.005N/A2N/A518
TeslaModel 3 Long Range AWD Performance (19" Wheels)Visit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar--5N/A2N/A489
TeslaModel 3 Long Range AWD Performance (20" Wheels)Visit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar--5N/A2.1N/A481
TeslaModel 3 Mid RangeVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar--5N/A1.9N/A425
TeslaModel 3 Standard RangeVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar--5N/A1.7N/A151
TeslaModel 3 Standard Range PlusVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeCar$55,990.00$0.005N/A1.7N/A4028192
TeslaModel S Long RangeVisit webiteBEVFull-sizeCar--5N/A2.1N/A60012345
TeslaModel S Long Range PlusVisit webiteBEVFull-sizeCar$112,990.00$0.005N/A2N/A629
TeslaModel S Performance (19" Wheels)Visit webiteBEVFull-sizeCar$137,990.00$0.005N/A2.3N/A560
TeslaModel S Performance (21" Wheels)Visit webiteBEVFull-sizeCar--5N/A2.4N/A525
TeslaModel S Standard RangeVisit webiteBEVFull-sizeCar--5N/A2.2N/A462
TeslaModel X Long RangeVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeSUV--5 (7 opt)N/A2.4N/A52810193
TeslaModel X Long Range PlusVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeSUV$119,990.00$0.005 (7 opt)N/A2.2N/A565
TeslaModel X Performance (20" Wheels)Visit webiteBEVMid-sizeSUV--5 (7 opt)N/A2.6N/A491
TeslaModel X Performance (22" Wheels)Visit webiteBEVMid-sizeSUV--5 (7 opt)N/A3N/A438
TeslaModel X Standard RangeVisit webiteBEVMid-sizeSUV--5 (7 opt)N/A2.3N/A415
TeslaModel Y Long Range AWDVisit webiteBEVCompactSUV$75,990.00$0.005 (7 optional)N/A1.9N/A50912340
TeslaModel Y Performance AWDVisit webiteBEVCompactSUV$85,990.00$0.005 (7 optional)N/A2N/A507
TeslaRoadsterVisit webiteBEVSports Car$257,000.00$0.004N/A-N/A1000
ToyotaPrius PrimeVisit webitePHEVMid-sizeCar$32,990.00$2,500.0054.31.8995402.271
ToyotaRAV4 PrimeVisit webitePHEVCompactSUV--5----
Volkswagene-GolfVisit webiteBEVCompactCar$37,895.00$5,000.005N/A2.1N/A1985.5100
VolvoS60 T8 AWDVisit webitePHEVCompactCar$66,400.00$0.0057.83.278135365
VolvoS90 T8 AWDVisit webitePHEVMid-sizeCar$74,950.00$0.0057.93.776134365
VolvoV60 T8 AWDVisit webitePHEVSmallStation Wagon$69,400.00$0.0057.83.278135365
VolvoXC60 T8 AWDVisit webitePHEVCompactSUV$72,200.00$0.0059.14.2-27365
VolvoXC90 T8 AWDVisit webitePHEVMid-sizeSUV$74,950.00$0.0078.84-29365

Choices are limited in some classes and sizes. For example, if you want a minivan you can plug-in, there is only one: the Chrysler Pacifica.

The federal government offers Canadians incentives that range from $2500 to $5000 for purchasing or leasing most EVs and PHEVs. At the moment the only provinces that offer additional incentives are B.C. and Quebec. The base MSRP listed does not include the incentives available. 

Best electric & plug-in hybrid vehicle comparison

The following lists the 5 best EVs and the 5 best PHEVs. Within each category, the vehicles are compared based on performance, safety features, cargo space and utility, interior features, efficiency, and value.

  • All data is for on the base trim of each model
  • Range is in km or for plug-in hybrids: EV only (EV and gas)
  • Fuel economy is in Le per 100km combined
  • Charge times are in hours
VehicleTypeMSRPFederal IncentiveSeatsRange (km)Fuel EconomyBattery (kWh)Motor (kW)Lvl 1 Charge TimeLvl 2 Charge TimeLvl 3 Charge TimeBattery WarrantyEngine
Hyundai Kona electricBEV$44,999.00$5,000.0054151.966415049.49.91.08/160,000N/A
Mini Cooper SEBEV$39,990.00$5,000.0051772.1832.613425.25.00.58/160,000N/A
Nissan LeafBEV$44,298.00$5,000.0052402.124011030.96.70.68/160,000N/A
Tesla Model 3BEV$55,990.00$5,000.0053541.85018838.67.70.88/160,000N/A
Tesla Model YBEV$72,390.00$0.005 (7 opt)3701.9450TBA x,000N/A
Chrysler Pacifica HybridPHEV$52,090.00$5,000.00751 (835)2.87 (7.84)1663, 8512.32.7No10/160,0003.3L V6
Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in HybridPHEV$33,750.00$2,500.00547 (961)1.98 (4.52)8.9456.93.0No8/160,0001.6L 4 cyl
Kia Niro PHEVPHEV$35,695.00$2,500.00542 (853)2.24 (5.11)8.9456.93.0No8/160,0001.6L 4 cyl
Mini Cooper SE Countryman ALL4PHEV$46,865.00$2,500.00527 (482)3.22 (8.11)10657.73.0No8/160,0001.5L 3 cyl
Mitsubishi OutlanderPHEV$43,998.00$2,500.00535 (499)3.18 (9.41)1260 x,0002.0L 4 cyl

The charge times in the table above are based on the following:

  • Level 1 charging from 0 to 100% with 120V, 15A (1.44kW)
  • Level 2 charging from 0 to 100% with 240V, 30A (7.2kW)
  • Level 3 charging from 0 to 80% with 50kW – charging slows above 80%
  • Average charging efficiency of 90%

After 1 hour of charging, the range added is as follows:

Charger TypeApproximate range added (km) per hour of charging
Level 18
Level 230
Level 3250

Best battery electric vehicles

1. Tesla Model 3

  • Base MSRP: $55,990
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $5,000
  • Range: 402 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V / DC): 60h / 10h / 0.5h 
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.7 

The base Tesla Model 3 is rear-wheel drive and has one electric motor. It is easily the fastest base EV available, with acceleration that will push you back into your seat. All-wheel drive versions are available, but they raise the price so that government incentives are no longer available. 

Charging times are average when you charge at home, and you have to pay extra for an adapter or for Tesla’s own home charging station. But using Direct Current (DC) fast-charging stations in the community, the Tesla is faster than other EVs, getting to 80% in only 30 minutes. So stop in for groceries and you will be topped up by the time you are done. 

Cargo space is below average due to the sedan body style, but you do get both a trunk and a frunk (front-loading trunk) so you will have enough space for everything except larger or longer items. Great standard safety features, such as automatic emergency braking and lane keep assist, round-out the Tesla Model 3 as an excellent choice.   

  • What Sets It Apart: sports car acceleration

2. Nissan Leaf

  • Base MSRP: $44,298 
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $5,000
  • Range: 243 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V / DC): 40h / 8h / 1h
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.5

The Nissan Leaf base model has slightly below average range and only average acceleration. Also, a fast-charging port is optional instead of standard. Still, the power and range are good enough for anything you need to do day-to-day around town. 

Cargo space is average behind the rear seats, and the rear seats do not fold totally flat. But there is enough room for longer items like hockey sticks and bags or gardening supplies with the seats down. 

Heated front seats and steering wheel are standard, as are excellent safety features including steering assist, blind spot intervention, intelligent forward collision warning and emergency braking. You will be very comfortable and extremely safe on your daily commute in the Leaf. 

  • What Sets It Apart: excellent safety features

3. MINI Cooper SE

  • Base MSRP: $39,990
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $5,000
  • Range: 177 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V / DC): 20h / 8h / 0.5h
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.5

The Mini Cooper SE is a small 3-door car, so taller passengers will not be comfortable in the rear seats. But for one or two people, the Mini is tons of fun because it is small, quick, and it handles really well. 

The interior has two great looking screens, a digital instrument cluster in front of the driver and a 6.5” screen set into the large, circular dash. There are heated seats, heated mirrors, and a precondition feature that lets you set the heater or air conditioner to come on at a set time so your Mini will be warm or cool when you hop in for the morning commute. 

Standard safety features are average and include forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Fun to drive, really good looking inside, and safe, this little electric car may be the perfect vehicle for Canadian city-dwellers. 

  • What Sets It Apart: great interior features

4. Tesla Model Y

  • Base MSRP: $72,390.00
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $0.00
  • Range: 509 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V / DC): not available 
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.5

The Tesla Model Y is expensive, so it does not qualify for federal incentives, and not all information is available until mid-2020, though you can order your Model Y now. The base model in Canada is the Long Range AWD (all-wheel drive). It comes standard with two electric motors that will offer sports car acceleration, and an all-wheel drive system to help you get around during the worst Canadian winters.

Standard safety features are excellent, with standard emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring. Every Tesla is an extremely safe place for you and your passengers.  

Cargo space of 1919 litres is more than any other EV and will let you carry anything you need for the cabin, camping gear for a weekend away, or even furniture if you need to help a friend move. The Model Y even has an available 3rd row of seats if you want yours to hold 7 passengers. 

  • What Sets It Apart: cargo space and available 3rd row seats

5. Hyundai Kona electric

  • Base MSRP: $44,999
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $5,000
  • Range: 415 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V / DC): 50h / 8h / 1h
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.3

Hyundai’s Kona electric has above average acceleration and above average range, so it is good around town and good on the highway as well. Cargo space behind the rear seats is average, but it is all most people need for the daily commute. With the rear seats down, cargo space is generous enough to hold camping gear or luggage for you and a friend to escape for a weekend. 

Interior features are a bit below average with only a 7” infotainment screen and a driver’s seat that adjusts manually and is not heated. Standard safety features, also a bit below average, include forward collision avoidance and lane departure warning.  

The electric Kona is a very attractive small SUV that is efficient and useful in town while being spacious and capable for road trips. It is a great choice for an adventurous couple or small family. 

  • What Sets It Apart: very useful in town and on the highway

Best plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

1. Kia Niro PHEV

  • Base MSRP: $35,695
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $2,500
  • Range (Electric only / Electric and Gas): 42 km / 853 km 
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V): 12h / 2.5h 
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.7

The Kia Niro electric has less interior space than the gasoline Niro, but the standard interior features offer above average comfort. The standard driver’s seat is power adjustable 8 ways, and the front seats and steering wheel are heated.

The base powertrain is above average in acceleration for a hybrid vehicle, in part because of a standard dual-clutch transmission that shifts very quickly and smoothly. This transmission type is usually found only in more expensive cars, a nice touch in the Niro.   

Cargo space is about average with the rear seats in place, but above average with the back seats down, so the Niro is a very good vehicle if you need to carry larger items more often than people. Still, when you do carry people they will be very safe, due to standard safety features that include forward collision warning, lane keep assist, and driver attention alert. 

  • What Sets It Apart: a very quick and smooth transmission

2. Hyundai IONIQ

  • Base MSRP: $33,750
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $2,500
  • Range (Electric only / Electric and Gas): 47 km / 961 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V): 12h / 2h 
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.7

The plug-in hybrid IONIQ is average in standard safety features. You get forward collision avoidance and lane departure warning, but not blind spot monitoring. Like the Kia Niro, a vehicle that shares the same powertrain, the IONIQ has a quick shifting transmission, but it is a bit slower than the Niro because it weighs more.  

The inside of the IONIQ is where it shines. There is more cargo space behind the rear seats than the Kia Niro, so you and 4 passengers can bring your luggage or sports equipment. Also inside are a standard 10.25” infotainment screen, standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and standard heated front seats. If you like comfort and technology, you will love the interior of the IONIQ.  

The IONIQ is a great choice for the techie who wants interior comfort with a good balance of passenger and cargo space for friends or family. 

  • What Sets It Apart: standard 10.25” infotainment screen

3. Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

  • Base MSRP: $52,090
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $2,500
  • Range (Electric only / Electric and Gas): 53 km / 849 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V): 14h / 2h
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.5

The Pacifica is the only plug-in hybrid minivan Canadians can get. If you want a hybrid plug-in vehicle with lower emissions and space, the Pacifica is it. Cargo space and passenger space are enormous, so you can carry friends and family, lots of cargo, or both, with ease. 

Space beneath the rear floor is needed for electrical components, so the Stow ‘N Go 3rd row seat feature in gasoline versions is not available. But the huge amount of space allows you to carry lots of luggage for a family trip, a bag of soccer balls for practice, or even your child’s tuba for band concerts. 

The Pacifica is not as efficient as other hybrid vehicles, and you have to pay extra for a level 2 charger, but it is the vehicle for you if you have a family, a pet, or if you somehow got talked into helping coach your daughter’s soccer team. 

  • What Sets It Apart: minivan cargo space in a PHEV

4. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

  • Base MSRP: $43,998
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $2,500
  • Range (Electric only / Electric and Gas): 52 km / 462 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V / DC): 12h / 3.5h / 0.5h
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.3

The Outlander is below average in range and acceleration even though it actually has three motors, a 2.0L gasoline engine and 2 electric motors. The benefit is that the Outlander is able to send power to all 4 wheels as needed, an attractive feature for the often snow-covered roads that are part of Canadian life. 

Actually, daily life in every season is easy with this plug-in hybrid. It comes standard with ports for all types of charging, and it has above average passenger and cargo space. The Outlander is very safe too, with forward collision mitigation, blind spot warning, and lane change assist as standard.  

The best feature of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the standard 10 year — yes, 10 year — warranty that covers all parts and components, even the electrical ones. Driving off the lot you will know that the Outlander will keep you on the road at little cost for a full decade. 

  • What Sets It Apart: 10 year warranty

5. MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid

  • Base MSRP: $46,865
  • Purchase Incentive (Federal): $2,500
  • Range (Electric only / Electric and Gas): 29 km / 479 km
  • Charge time to 80% (120V / 240 V): 12h / 3h
  • Cansumer Rating: 3.3

The Mini Countryman has a gasoline engine for the front wheels and an electric engine for the rear wheels making it one of the few all-wheel drive plug-in hybrids. Having power to all 4 wheels reduces range to below average, but acceleration is very quick and grip is great in all road conditions. 

Standard tech features include an 8.8” infotainment screen and a power tailgate with a kick sensor for easy opening. Rear seats that fold 40:20:40 make the above average cargo area very versatile for carrying a couple of passengers and all their gear for a weekend away or a Saturday at the beach. 

Unique among all-wheel drive hybrids is the choice of driving modes. You can choose electric engine only rear-wheel drive, gasoline engine only front-wheel drive, or both engines and all-wheel drive. This plug-in hybrid is for you if you need a small SUV, if you love the environment, and if you love to drive.     

  • What Sets It Apart: unique driving mode options

Available government incentives

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  3. Although I have a spot on Fords F150 Lightening re-order list, we would need to have down-sized our 5th wheels before taking delivery as they are both over 5,000kg. We are communicating with Ford to get an idea when F350 versions will be available. If you watch Monro Live, a Canadian/American Engineering firm, they do the teardown on the Mustang Mach e, they are extremely impressed with the engineering and build quality putting Ford (a distant) second to Tesla in BEVs.
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