Best Product Testing Opportunities in Canada

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Updated September 25, 2020

How does product testing work?

Companies and brands distribute free sample products through the product testing sites listed below in return for honest feedback on new products, reviews on proven products or promotion on social media.

Not everyone who signs up will receive every sample issued. Companies issue samples in limited batches on an irregular basis based on a set of eligibility criteria, including the users’:

  • Location
  • Age group
  • Household income
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Hobbies and interests
  • What products or services you use

To increase your chances of receiving a free product to test, you should fill out your profile honestly and completely (noting that this is valuable personal information), stay active on the site and always hold up your end of the deal by providing helpful, thoughtful feedback.

You will not be eligible for every product, so it’s best to expect nothing and hope for something.

Free samples

If you are looking for ways to try new products and decide whether they fit into your lifestyle, here is where you can get FREE sample products to test and review from top brands in Canada right now.

1. SampleSource

Become a SampleSource member to try a wide variety of free products each season.

SampleSource mails its members free makeup, food, home and pet samples. They recently gave out free Batiste dry shampoo, OxiClean stain remover, pet treats, Campbell’s soup, baked goods, and more for their members to try! Spring samples were recently released in March 2020, make sure that you are signed up to get notifications for the next batch of samples!

2. The Kit Club

The Kit keeps Canadians in the loop on the latest beauty and style news. Sign up to become a lifestyle insider by joining The Kit Club. Members have the chance to have free samples sent their way every single month! You could be one of the first people to try out the newest beauty products.

3. Amazon

Amazon has a free product sampling program for all of its members. To opt in make sure that you have chosen to receive new deals and recommendations by mail. You can do this by logging into your account and visiting the Communication Preferences Center. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that you will receive a sample, but in case you are one of the lucky ones selected, it is worth taking a chance on!

Review and testing programs

Review programs help to give companies useful insight on how consumers view their products. The companies supply the review programs with new or popular products, which the programs then distribute to their members. The members get free products to try at home and in exchange they post a review of the products or post about them on their personal social media accounts. The companies use the members’ reviews to make improvements on their products if necessary  and also develop new products.

4. BzzAgent

Sign up to be a BzzAgent and receive free products to post about on your social media channels. They have previously provided items from companies like: Gillette, Hershey’s, Rimmel, and Danone to their members. 

5. Parent Tested Parent Approved

Parent Tested Parent Approved is a program by PTPA Media. Their members receive free products and services to test. Once you receive your item, you must try it out and leave a review of it. You will also receive rewards when you complete a task which you can redeem for more free products. You can sign up online if you would like to become a member.

6. PTPA Media

PTPA Media also has a program geared towards influencers. By becoming a PTPA Creator you will receive free products to help you create content on your social media channels. You can also receive products for prizes for any giveaways you may host for your followers. In exchange you will be spreading the word about hot, new products and helping to sell the products by influencing your followers’ buying habits.

7. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is available in over 10 countries. They will first ask you to answer a few qualifying questions. If you are the right person to test the product, they will send it to you for free. They will ask you for a review of the product after you have given it a try.

8. Social Nature

Social Nature sends out natural and organic products to their members to try. They post new products which you can say that you “want”. If you match the target demographic they are trying to reach, they will send you the product and ask that you complete certain actions. The actions are usually trying the product, posting about it on social media, and reviewing it. Sign up now to get started!

9. Influenster

Join Influenster for a chance to test and review new products. They recently gave out Pampers diapers, and Revlon products for some of their members to try! When you complete the requested actions which range from posting a photo of the product to adding it to your online story, you will be entered into giveaways to win even more products.

10. ChickAdvisor

Chickadvisor is another company that provides free products to their members in exchange for their honest opinions. In the past they have provided their members with free products like Motrin pain relievers, Schwarzkopf hair care, and Neutrogena anti-aging face creams!

11. FamilyRated

Join the FamilyRated Club and receive free products in exchange for your honest opinion of them. The products sent out include items like: household cleaners, wipes, children’s body wash, and delicious snacks.

12. XY Stuff

Guys love free stuff too! XY Stuff is a company that focusses on gathering product reviews for men. They also have a great free product club. XY Stuff Club provides their members with free men’s products and in return they ask for your unbiased opinion. They have sent out free full sized products such as Axe body sprays and Dove Men+Care sportcare products.

13. Best Buy

Become a part of Best Buy’s Baby Samplers Club for a chance to receive baby and maternity products in return for your opinion of them. You can try and review the latest strollers, car seats, baby monitors, and change pads. You will also get to keep them for free!

14. UserTesting

UserTesting allows you to test apps and websites for cash! Each test that you complete can earn you upwards of $60. To sign up you just have to enter your email at the top of this webpage and complete the sample test.

Paid focus groups

Focus groups assemble together a diverse group of people to test a product or discuss a subject to make improvements or to gather insight before it is released to the public. Many are paid opportunities, and you can choose which ones you would prefer to be a part of.

Some focus groups will pay you $100 or more for just an hour of your time. You can get paid for eating food, trying beauty products, testing video games, or discussing your daily habits.

Some focus groups are completed online, but many are in-person. When you attend an in-person focus group everyone that is selected will meet at a precise time and place. The focus group is led by a facilitator. They may have coffee, tea, other drinks, meals, and treats for participants.

There are usually discussions about a specific topic or product, and you may also participate in completing photo collages, brainstorming sessions, making diagrams, and team collaborations. At the end of the focus group you will be paid for your time. 

CRC Research

CRC Research has focus group facilities out of Vancouver, British Columbia; Toronto, Ontario; and Montréal, Québec. You can register online if you would like to participate in their paid focus groups.


JMRS has locations in Montréal, Québec; Calgary, Alberta; Hamilton, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario; Ottawa, Ontario; and Vancouver, British Columbia. If you are interested, you can sign up online to be a focus group participant.

Contract Testing

Contract Testing has focus group facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia; Toronto, Ontario; Brampton, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Montréal, Québec. Register online to become a participant for a paid focus group.


ACCE hosts focus groups in Mississauga, Ontario. They also offer consumer testing opportunities. Sign up now to participate. 

Quality Response

Quality Response operates focus groups in Toronto, Ontario. Click the Register Now button on their homepage to sign up to be a participant for their paid focus group.

Trend Research

Quality Response hosts focus groups in Edmonton, Alberta. Sign up now to register to be a participant for paid focus groups.

Metroline Research Group Inc.

Metroline Research Group Inc. hosts focus groups in Toronto and Kitchener, Ontario. Sign up now to participate in a focus groups.

Narrative Research

Narrative Research runs focus groups in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Moncton, New Brunswick. Take their online survey for a chance to participate in their focus groups.

Other ways to find products to test

Mailing lists

Stay up to date with the brands you love by joining their mailing lists. Many will send their loyal customers free sample of new products or invite them to join customer review panels. Annabelle and Lise Watier cosmetics recently invited their subscribers to provide their opinions in workshops. Participants received gift bags filled with their cosmetics.

Corporate social media accounts

Keep an eye on corporate social media accounts, sometimes when companies release new products they will send a certain amount of them to their followers to try. In exchange they may ask you to post about them and use specific hashtags.

Giveaways and contests

When a new product comes out companies will frequently host a giveaway of it to create some buzz around it. Check out giveaway websites and forums to stay up to date on things you can win for free right now.

Social media accounts owned by companies often run giveaways to generate excitement about their products. They usually will also send them to the top influencers so that they can hype them up and give them away to their followers in contests. Check out the social media accounts of the brands and influencers you love, and search contest hashtags to find them. These are great ways to try out the latest products for free.

What to consider when signing up

Remember that the current offers are subject to change.

If you sign up for product testing opportunities in exchange for your opinion and you fail to provide your feedback or meet the deadline, you may not be eligible to participate in future campaigns.

What to read next

Over to you

We would love to know if we have missed any great places to get free products to test. Please let us know in the comments below and we will add it to the list. 

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