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Cansumer strives to provide a one-stop experience for consumers in Canada who want to find the best products and services available to them. We take pride in delivering honest, accurate, and unbiased product reviews, rankings, and guides to our readers.

The mission of Cansumer is simple: we want to help you discover, research, and select the best products and services that meets your needs, desires, and budget. We are constantly analyzing reviews, exploring new products and updating guides to ensure our recommendations are always as accurate and helpful as possible.

We take your purchases very seriously – so every review is as thorough as we can make it.  If you ever want more information on a product, please leave a comment and we will definitely get back to you with our thoughts!


The contents of this website are meant for informational purposes only. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada, Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. Products and/or information are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. All ideas and opinions expressed are completely our own. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician.

How we make money

From web servers and office space to salaries and software, there are many expenses to running this site. Our staff likes to get paid, which is why we have affiliate relationships with many companies and online retailers like If you decide to buy something we’ve reviewed, we might make some money.

To do this, we use referral links. These referral links don’t cost you a cent, but if you choose to buy the products from one of the companies that Cansumer uses referral links for as a result of our research, analysis, interviews, and testing, the link tells those companies that you came from Cansumer and our work is often (but not always) supported through an affiliate commission from the company. If readers return their purchases because they’re dissatisfied or the recommendation is bad, we make nothing.

There’s no incentive for us to pick inferior products or respond to pressure from manufacturers—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We think that’s a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers first.

That being said, we want to make readers aware of the incentives at play so that they have all information possible when evaluating products.

These relationships also allow us to continue to grow and expand as a website, conduct in-depth research, and publish editorial content. Readers never pay a cent to access any of the reviews, rankings, or guides on Not now, not ever.

Ultimately, Cansumer is supported by our readers from simply telling your friends and family, sharing on Facebook or other social media sites and sending in your product experiences and feedback.  

If you want to see a review for a product or service we haven’t looked at yet, just let us know, and we will consider it. We want our site to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible and we’ll review as many products and services as we can—even if we don’t make money from that brand.

Some companies send us their products for free with the hope that we will like it and review it. However, there are no guarantees for these companies that we will write about the products at all, and certainly no guarantees that we will review it favorably.

Cansumer survives because of readers and fans like yourself. For that, we would like to sincerely say thank you. We truly do love being able to run Cansumer and help our readers find great products.

Affiliate relationships

In order to ensure full transparency with our readers, we’d like to disclose the following about our affiliate relationships:

  • maintains relationships with companies that offer products. These include cost-per-click and affiliate fee arrangements, which help us generate commissions through brand and product page links. These commissions allow us to support the site. However, our professional relationships never influence the reviews, rankings, or product guides that appear on our site.
  • participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As part of this program, we receive a commission from whenever one of our readers makes a purchase after visiting an link on our site. However, whether or not you choose to visit through our site will never affect your free access to the content on
  • If readers visit or a website for one of our affiliate companies and purchases a product from one of these sellers, then we receive a commission. However, if the same reader later returns the product because they are dissatisfied (per the seller’s return policy), then the commission will be rescinded. We do not have an incentive to promote inferior products based on requests from current or future affiliate companies.
  • We have not received any financial payment from companies in exchange for featuring their products in reviews, rankings, or guides. However, we may receive free products from companies that are used for research purposes. Receiving these products does not influence our editorial content, nor does it guarantee a favorable review for the product or the seller/manufacturer.

Due to these affiliate relationships, we have taken the following measures to ensure that other companies and brands do not influence our editorial content:

  • All product ratings are exclusively generated through a comprehensive evaluation system that incorporates verified owner and customer experiences from different online sources along with extensive internal product analysis. For more information on how we generate our ratings, please review our research methodology.
  • Our writers and other editorial staff are never made aware of specific companies and brands with which we do business.
  • Our writers do not award product ratings based on communications with employees of companies that make products we review. However, they may contact company representatives in order to update factual information about products or company policies (such as measurements, material composition, pricing, or warranty information) that is not subject to our rating system.

How to support Cansumer

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The links below, like those to the same companies appearing elsewhere on the site, are referral links. This is a comprehensive list of companies that we work with where we receive compensation if you click through the link and purchase on their site (with no additional cost to you). Disclosure

Cansumer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to These links operate the same as all referral links on Cansumer. If you use one and buy something, then Amazon will pay Cansumer a percentage of the sale amount.

If you have a comment or question about how Cansumer works, please drop us an email using the contact form. We are more than happy to help answer your questions.