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Toronto Sun

However what they don’t tell you – as Wideman (who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Queen’s University) shares in his blog Cansumer, is that “hot water tanks are mechanically very simple, require little to no maintenance… and last an average of 16 years.

The real cost of renting a hot water tank – Toronto Sun – July 7, 2023


Canadians frequently complain that prices are high and that the country was late to come to options like unlimited data.

Videotron, Freedom Sign Merger in Canada: We Have Maps – PCMag – Aug. 12, 2022

Internet outage leaves millions of Canadians without access to internet, ATM machines and 911 lines – Independent – July 9, 2022


With the calendar turning to May, we are now in the stretch run to a decision on whether inflation-beleaguered Canadians will continue paying some of the highest prices in the world for internet service.

Cabinet to Decide Fate of Internet Prices and Competition This Month – Teksavvy – May 4, 2022


According to Cansumer, these are the top options for car rust protection in Canada.

Is Rustproofing Your Car Worth It In Canada? – ThinkInsure – May 4, 2022


Cansumer said it is “much, much ‘better than nothing’ in Canada and provides considerably better speeds and latencies than its traditional satellite internet and LTE wireless internet competitors for a competitive price.

Starlink Availability Grows But Not Without Bumps in the Road – SpaceQ – January 10, 2022


If you’re not ready to speak with a TIRECRAFT winter tire specialist, Cansumer’s winter tire list is the perfect starting point.

Complete Winter Tire Cost Breakdown: Looking Past the Price Tag – Tirecraft – November 28, 2020


Here are several of our favourites for finding made in Canada brands

What ‘Designed in Canada’ Is Really Saying – Encircled – June 18, 2020

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