Canadian Consumer Resources

Federal Consumer Resources

Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services (CCTS)

Have a problem with your bill, contract, connection, transfer or other issues with your TV, internet or phone service that you haven’t been able to resolve with your service provider? Fill out their online questionnaire that takes 15 minutes to complete.

The CCTS is a national, independent and impartial complaint resolution service dedicated to resolving consumer complaints for free. It was created in 2007 by the Government of Canada and is funded by Participating Service Providers who pay a fee for each customer complaint accepted by the CCTS. Providers with more than $10 million in revenue also pay a revenue-based fee.

They are responsible for administering and holding providers accountable to the following regulatory codes:

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Ensures federally regulated financial entities (banks, insurance, payment cards, credit, trust and loan companies) comply with consumer protection measures.

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Regulate and supervise broadcasting and telecommunications (TV, Internet, Phone, Telemarketing, Spam) in the public interest.

Competition Bureau Canada

Ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace by enforcing the:

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Collects information on fraud and identity theft.

Taxpayers’ Ombudsman

Enhance the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) accountability in its service to, and treatment of, taxpayers through independent and objective reviews.

Consumer Services & Protection

Alberta1-877-427-4088Submit a complaint
British Columbia1-888-564-9963Start a complaint
Manitoba1-800-782-0067Filing a complaint
New Brunswick1-866-933-2222Submit a complaint
Newfoundland and Labrador1-877-968-2600Complaint form
Nova Scotia1-800-670-4357Submit a complaint
Ontario1-800-889-9768Filing a complaint
Prince Edward
Quebec1-888-672-2556Make a formal notice
Saskatchewan1-877-880-5550Submit a complaint
Northwest Territories867-767-9161 ext. 21022Complaint form
Nunavut866-223-8139Complaint form

Human Rights

Canadian Human Rights Commission

  • Canadian Human Rights Act – Protects people in Canada against harassment or discrimination when based on one or more grounds of discrimination such as race, age and sexual orientation.
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Protects equality rights and other fundamental rights such as the freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion from infringements by laws, policies or actions of governments, including authorities such as the police.

Human Rights Commissions contact information for each province and territory in Canada.

Alberta780-427-7661Complaint form
British Columbia1-844-922-6472Make a complaint
New Brunswick506-453-2301File a complaint
Newfoundland and Labrador709-729-2709Application form
Nova Scotia1-877-269-7699Complaint self-assessment
Prince Edward Island902-368-4134File a complaint
Quebec1-800-361-6477File a complaint
Saskatchewan1-800-667-9249Filing a Complaint
Northwest Territories1-888-669-5575Form
British Columbia1-866-577-2525
Newfoundland and
Nova Scotia1-877-420-6578Application Form
Prince Edward
Yukon1-800-661-0408 ext

Employment Standards

Alberta1-877-427-3731Employment Standards Complaint
British Columbia1-833-236-3700Complaint Submission
Manitoba1-800-821-4307Complaint Form
New Brunswick1-888-452-2687Online Complaint Form
Newfoundland and
Ontario1-800-531-5551Filing a claim
Prince Edward Island1-800-333-4362Complaint Form
Quebec1 844 838-0808Online Complaints
Saskatchewan1-800-667-1783Make a Complaint
Northwest Territories1-888-700-5707Forms
Nunavut1-877-806-8402Complaint Form
Yukon1-867-667-5944Complaint Form

Ombudsman (Government complaints)

Oversees and investigates provincial government authorities and broader public sector bodies, such as provincial ministries, Crown corporations, tribunals, agencies, boards and commissions, and municipalities, universities, and school boards.

Alberta1-888-455-2756Submit a complaint
British Columbia1-800-567-3247Online Complaint Form
Manitoba1-800-665-0531Ombudsman Act Complaint Form
New Brunswick1-888-465-1100Make a Complaint
Newfoundland and Labrador1-800-559-0079Complaint Form
Nova Scotia1-800-670-1111Submit a Complaint Form
Ontario1-800-263-1830Make a complaint
Prince Edward Island
Quebec1-800-463-5070Online Complaint Form
Saskatchewan1-800-667-9787Make a Complaint Online
Northwest Territories
Yukon1-800-661-0408 (ext. 8468)Ombudsman Complaint Form

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