Canada’s Camping Checklist & Beginners Guide – Printable PDF

Double-checking that you have everything you need for a safe, comfortable and fun time at National or Provincial parks or in the Canadian wilderness is important as many creature comforts won’t be as readily available once you’re there – especially if you’re venturing off the beaten trail.

Best Skin Care Products in Canada (2020 Reviews)

If your experience has been more akin to standing at the drugstore, looking at a massive wall of bottles and jars with confusion, then we’re here to make it easy, with a selection of the best skin care products available in Canada under each of the must-have product categories.

Best Power Banks and Portable Chargers in Canada

Whether you’re navigating through a national park or blasting some tunes at a backyard BBQ, a reliable and powerful yet portable charger is essential for staying connected to your entertainment, friends and family while you’re on the go.

Best Air Purifiers in Canada (2020 Reviews)

We know clean air is vital for health and well-being, but not everyone can breathe the fresh air of the great Canadian outdoors. An air purifier can improve indoor air quality by removing mold, dust, dander and pollen.

Best Protein Powders in Canada (2020 Reviews)

A protein supplement can be a handy tool for those who are exercising regularly and are trying to gain muscle, those who are recovering from an injury or are just trying to stay satiated throughout the day.