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Know a product that you would give 6 stars out of 5 if you could? Or a Canadian company that designs or makes products in Canada?

Help us decide which products we will review next! You can submit your own business, or that of a friend or family member for consideration (just back up why it’s the best!).

We interview entrepreneurs and business owners on how they got started, how their products are made and what makes them awesome. It’s a great way to get you (and your business) in front of a new audience, as well as a boost in SEO. There is no cost to be featured.


  • The product(s) must be widely available across Canada

Preference is given to, in order:

  • Canadian companies making their products here
  • Canadian companies making products abroad
  • Foreign company making products here

Why share?

  • Interview is conducted over email on your schedule
  • Brand exposure – tell your story to 80k+ monthly readers
  • Display award badges and Canadian Made badges on your site
  • Improve your SEO
  • Bolster your personal brand as a founder, entrepreneur or business owner
  • There is no cost


  1. Simply fill out and submit the secure form below. It takes a lot of guts to call your business or product “The Best” and we respect that!
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Note: Submission does not guarantee inclusion. Once the interview is complete, we will check the business/product’s reviews, complaints, ratings, trust, prices, history and general excellence. If accepted, the business will be listed on!

  • The most specific and accurate description of how Canadian the product is. For example "Roasted and blended in Canada" for coffee or a qualifying statement such as "Made in Canada from 70% domestic and 30% imported ingredients"
    • Product of Canada
    • Made/Produced/Manufactured in Canada
    • Designed/Engineered in Canada
    • Assembled in Canada
    • "Roasted and blended in Canada" for coffee
    • "Made in Canada from imported ingredients"
    • eg. Brewed, Cooked, Sewn, Built, Smithed, Created, Steeped, Tailored, Honed, Prepared, Arranged, Woven, Fashioned
    Please note the strict legal requirements to claim your product is a "Product of Canada" or "Made in Canada"