Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada

For most Canadians, the recent coronavirus outbreak is scary, fascinating, and the only pandemic we’ve ever experienced. Because the virus is new and we’ve never been in this situation before, there’s a lot of misinformation spreading about the virus and its associated disease, COVID-19.

Canadian Mortgage Stress Test Explained

Ensures that all homeowners with high-ratio or uninsured mortgages are to afford their mortgage payments in the event their financial circumstances worsen or interest rates increase. This means mortgages are harder to qualify for, but it also provides security for homeowners.

15 Best Things to do in Nelson, BC

Spend just a weekend in the city and you’ll learn the secret that all the locals know: Nelson is a quaint but bustling place filled with shops, restaurants, a thriving arts community, natural wonders, outdoor excursions, and adventure around every corner.

Mortgage Renewal Process in Canada – Step by Step Guide

If your mortgage is up for renewal soon, now is a great time to relearn all those mortgage terms you forgot about after you signed the papers, and hopefully even negotiate a mortgage that will be better suited to your financial needs and goals.

Duct cleaning explained: cost, pros and cons & FAQs

You’re just sitting down to a nice dinner with your family and suddenly the phone rings. You pick up — a telemarketer suggests that you should get your ducts cleaned. Despite being annoyed, you wonder if you really do need your ducts cleaned?

How Long Does a Furnace Last in Canada?

Everybody knows how cold Canada can be in the winter, so it’s important to have a reliable furnace that’ll keep your family warm and comfortable during those cold snaps.