Best Facial Steamers in Canada (2020 Reviews)

A facial steamer helps to loosen dead skin cells and hydrate the skin, which is especially helpful if your complexion has been looking dull or if you’ve been struggling with clogged pores and steam is absolutely incredible for relieving congestion when you’re sick.

Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks in Canada (2020 Reviews)

Sunrise alarm clocks offer one of the healthiest ways of waking up, especially if your schedule or living situation makes waking up naturally with the real sunrise impossible. By lighting up gradually, they offer the most pleasant and least jarring way of waking up in the morning.

Best Light Therapy Lamps in Canada (2020 Reviews)

If you find yourself turning sour, fatigued, depressed, or a little more irritable when you don’t get enough sunlight then a light therapy lamp could be an easy solution. They have been clinically proven to help with SAD, but even those who don’t have any official diagnosis find that they can uplift their mood in dark times.

Best Vitamin C Serums in Canada (2020 Reviews)

It’s especially well regarded as a solution to hyperpigmentation, so if you have sun spots, dark post-acne marks, or even diffused patches of darkness caused by pregnancy (melasma), then it needs to be on your radar.

Best Lip Balms in Canada (2020 Reviews)

Having dry or chapped lips is one of those small discomforts that can take away from the most enjoyable experiences. When slightly dry, they feel a little tight and uncomfortable, but at the height of winter weather they can become extremely irritated even to the point of splitting or cracking.

Best Self-Tanners in Canada (2020 Reviews)

There’s nothing wrong with having fair skin and owning it, but if you look in the mirror and feel sallow or if you have a vacation coming up and you don’t want your skin blending into the sandy beach, then getting a tan might be in order.

Best Dry Shampoos in Canada (2020 Reviews)

Their compact frame makes them easy to place in smaller spaces like apartments. Despite their size, however, they can still produce solid sound quality if you don’t mind the reduced bass.

Best Skin Care Products in Canada (2020 Reviews)

If your experience has been more akin to standing at the drugstore, looking at a massive wall of bottles and jars with confusion, then we’re here to make it easy, with a selection of the best skin care products available in Canada under each of the must-have product categories.

Best Hand Creams in Canada (2020 Reviews)

Dry hands feel a little uncomfortable and rough to the touch, but at its very worst your dry hands can become irritated and cracked. Great hand cream can reverse even the worst effects of dryness, so we’ve selected the best available in Canada.