Best Hair Straighteners & Flat Irons in Canada


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Also known as a flat iron, hair straighteners are one of the most popular hair tools for achieving a sleek and easy-to-handle daily look, right after the blow dryer. The right kind of hair straightener for you will not only straighten your hair but also add shine and get rid of unwanted frizz.

It can be difficult to find the one that’s best for your hair type. Some flat irons claim to prevent damage while others claim they work the fastest. Whether your hair is naturally thick, thin, frizzy or curly, we’ve found the best hair straighteners for you that are actually worth your money.

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Best hair straighteners

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Best hair straighteners comparison

ghdKipoziBaBylissPROBio IonicRemingtonMiroPure
Best forOverallThick hairFrizzy hairFine hairValueBrush
Warranty3 years1 year4 years1 year2 years2 years
Cord length (ft.)9889N/A5
Heat up time (sec.)20N/AN/A53060
Automatic shut off30 min.90 min.NoNo60 min.60 min.
Dual voltageYesYesNoYesNoNo
Total reviews8914,0124,74165711,6909,711
Aggregate rating4.

Our pick for best overall – ghd Platinum + Professional 1″ Styler

  • Size: 1″
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Cord length: 9 feet
  • Heat up time: 20 seconds
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes, 30 minutes 
  • Dual voltage: Yes


  • Heats up quickly
  • Uses smart technology 
  • Can be used to curl and wave
  • Leaves hair shiny and sleek


  • Only one heat setting
  • High price point


The ghd hair straightener uses one inch wide platinum plates to ensure less breakage, more colour protection, and overall healthier damage-free hair.

It has a wishbone hinge which makes the opening and closing of the straightener smoother and more bouncy preventing any hair snagging or abrupt movement. This mechanism ensures perfect plate alignment making it easier to twist, curl, and style hair. The straightener has a curved, smooth barrel design adding to its luxurious feel. 

Heat settings

There are no adjustable heat settings on this straightener but a permanent temperature of 185°C across both plates. This heat setting works for all hair types and textures without causing any damage. ghd considers this to be the optimal temperature for hair styling.


This hair straightener uses breakthrough ultra-zone predictive technology that guarantees even heat across the entire plate creating consistent results with just one stroke. The heat is monitored 250 times per second to make sure it stays at 185°C throughout. It personalizes power with its predictive technology, which recognizes hair thickness and the speed at which you are styling and adjusts accordingly. 


It has an automatic shut-off timer that goes on sleep mode if unused for 30 minutes which is ideal for those tricky times when you’ve left the house but aren’t sure if you turned the straightener off or not. It also comes with a heat resistant plate guard to protect surfaces after styling so you can easily put your straightener down after using it without worries of burning anything. 

Best for thick hair – Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron

  • Size: 1.75”
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Cord length: 8 feet
  • Heat up time: N/A
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes, 90 minutes
  • Dual voltage: Yes


  • Adjustable temperature settings 
  • Has an LCD display 
  • Heats up quickly
  • Wide plate is able to straighten more hair at once


  • A little heavier than most popular straighteners
  • Doesn’t come with a heat protective pouch or plate guard


This hair straightener is designed for those with thicker and longer hair. The titanium plates are 1.75 inches wide which means that the straightener can style more hair in one pass, speeding up the entire process and saving a lot of time.

There is also an LCD digital screen on the handle with the current temperature on it easily visible so you can change the heat around as needed based on your hair type. The handle is also ergonomically designed to keep your hands away from the heat as you style. 

Heat settings

This straightener has adjustable temperature settings ranging from 140°C to 210°C making it suitable for all hair types. 140°C is best for fragile hair while 180°C is preferred for coloured or damaged hair and 210°C will show ideal results for thick and healthy hair.

Each time the +/- temperature adjustment buttons are pressed, the temperature changes by 10°C. There is also an option to lock the temperature at your preferred heat level so it doesn’t accidentally change while you are straightening your hair. 


It provides consistent heating without overexposure using an advanced positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater. The PTC heater assures optimal temperature with up to 80% less breakage and more colour protection. It emits negative ions to moisten hair and turn frizzy hair shiny and sleek.

The titanium plates have gone through precision melding that help hair pass through without any snags. They also provide an even distribution of heat so there are no heat spots on the plates. 


There is an automatic shut-off feature that kicks into place after 90 minutes. This shut-off feature kicks in even if you are using it at the time. At that point, you would have to restart it however it is unlikely that you would need to straighten your hair for longer than that.

In addition to the auto shut off, there is also a switch on the tail of the straightener that enables a safety lock so that the straightener is clasped shut when not in use. 

Best for frizzy hair – BaBylissPRO Nano-Titanium

  • Size: 1″
  • Warranty: 4 years
  • Cord length: 8 feet
  • Heat up time: N/A
  • Automatic shut-off: No
  • Dual voltage: No


  • Lightweight design
  • Extra-long plates
  • 50 different heat settings 
  • Nano-titanium and ceramic plates for damage-free straightening


  • No universal voltage 
  • No automatic shut off feature


This ultra lightweight flat iron is designed with nano-titanium and ceramic plates that heat up quickly and evenly. These plates are 1 inch wide and 4.75 inches long and they go all the way to the edge of the clamp making it tackle frizz right from the root which makes this straightener ideal for frizzy or curly hair. Since these plates are longer than most others, they also aid in quicker straightening. 

Heat settings

There are 50 different heat settings available that go up to a maximum of 232°C. There is a dial on the side which can be used to adjust the temperature based on your preference and hair type. On the dial, however, there are no temperatures listed but instead there are ranges between 1 and 50 that correspond to temperatures that the dial can be set at. After some initial use and keeping the maximum temperature in mind, users can get an idea of what number best suits their hair. 


This straightener uses sol-gel technology that transforms nano-particles from liquid to solid which helps create a smoother pass and overall reduces friction. This preserves the moisture in the hair while making the plates stronger to resist any chipping or chemical damage.

It also has a built-in ionic generator that gets rid of frizz and adds shine. Its Ryton Housing feature makes sure that the hair tool does not overheat and is easy to hold which makes it more durable and long lasting. 


There is no automatic shut-off nor does it come with any heat protecting mat or plate guard so you have to be extra careful in remembering to switch it off when done and be sure to not rest it on something flammable or delicate after use. 

Best for fine hair – Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron

  • Size: 1″
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Cord length: 9 feet
  • Heat up time: 5 seconds
  • Automatic shut-off: No
  • Dual voltage: Yes


  • Works extremely fast
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Works effectively even on the lowest heat setting
  • Makes hair extra shiny and silky


  • Might need more than just ‘one pass’ for thick or curly hair 
  • Silicone speed strips require frequent cleaning since they’re prone to dirt
  • High price point


This is a one inch wide straightener designed with a sleek body shape and rounded edges to eliminate creasing while straightening and also so it can be used for curling. Its plates have silicone on them that helps it go smoothly through the hair without any snagging.

It is designed to have a soft finish to make it comfortable to use and easy to grip. It is designed so hair only needs one pass to straighten it which is ideal for fine hair that shouldn’t be repetitively exposed to continuous high heat. 

Heat settings

The temperature can be adjusted with the little knob on the handle. There are four different heat settings ranging from 116°C to 204°C. It has bioceramic heaters that allow the straightener to reach the desired heat within a matter of five seconds. It also has an instant recovery feature which means the heat goes away as fast as it came. 


Its silicone speed strips provide faster straightening and increased shine. They also help grasp fine hair more efficiently. The tri-strip technology makes hair three times smoother than before.

The straightener is fused with ionic material so it adds moisture back into the hair by conditioning it and sealing and smoothing the cuticle. The far infrared technology combined with the high levels of negative ions also help create smoother and silkier hair without significant damage.  


Given its price point, we expected better safety features. There is no automatic shut-off feature and there are no safety accessories that come with the straightener.

There is a cool tip at the top which makes the straightener easy to hold while styling. A newer model of this same straightener addresses some of these safety concerns however it is not available in Canada yet but it is definitely something to keep an eye out for. 

Best value – Remington Anti-Static Flat Iron

  • Size: 1″
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Cord length: N/A
  • Heat up time: 30 seconds
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes, 60 minutes
  • Dual voltage: No


  • Long ceramic plates give more control while styling
  • Adjustable temperature with digital display
  • Affordable price
  • Targets flyaways with anti-static technology


  • Material quality could be better
  • Can make hair a little dry


This straightener is designed with one inch wide floating plates for smoother gliding. The ceramic plates are coated with titanium protection for fast heat up and styling. They are also 30% longer than most other plates letting users easily straighten closer to the roots without any damage or accidental burns.  

Heat settings

There are digital controls on the outer side of the straightener easily visible on the LCD screen. There are six different temperature settings ranging from a minimum of 154°C to a maximum of 232°C that can be set based on hair type.

There is also a temperature lock button to ensure the heat does not accidentally increase or decrease while in use. If you hold on to the ‘+’ button for a few seconds, the turbo boost function kicks in to quickly boost the straightener to its highest heat.


This straightener uses anti-static technology to fight static and tame flyaways for sleek and smooth styles. This technology reduces the amount of negatively charged particles during styling which is what stops the static and helps boost styling control. 


It has an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in after 60 minutes so you can leave your house with peace of mind in case you forget.

It also has a hinge lock that locks the plates together while not in use. This is to protect the plates from any sort of damage during storage. Keeping in mind that this is the most affordable straightener on our list, we think these safety features are a great added bonus. 

Best hair straightening brush for curly hair – MiroPure Ionic Straightening Brush

  • Size: 2.5″
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Cord length: 5 feet 
  • Heat up time: 60 seconds
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes, 60 minutes
  • Dual voltage: No


  • Less flyaways and static because of uniform heating
  • Reduced split ends
  • Works well on coiled and naturally curly hair 
  • Comb tooth bristles that don’t burn to the touch


  • Bristles snag the hair occasionally 
  • Requires cleaning more often than a standard flat iron


This hair straightener is designed in a hairbrush form which allows for a more naturally straight look as compared to a flat iron. The brush is 2.5 inches wide and has a lot of densely packed bristles that massage and stimulate hair follicles while it straightens the hair quickly. It is easy to use and a preferred alternative for many since it is just like brushing your hair but in smaller sections.

Heat settings

There are five different adjustable heat settings ranging from 150°C to  230°C so it can suit various hair types. It also has a temperature lock feature that can help prevent accidentally pushing controls and changing settings. It is activated by holding the + and – buttons down for three seconds. 


This straightening brush uses advanced ionic technology with double ionic generators that produce negative ions which take away frizz and make hair silky and smooth. It has anti-static technology which reduces the amount of negatively charged particles and also helps take away frizz and tame flyaways.

It has a Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH), the new heating standard for hot tools, which gives even heat distribution and a quick temperature recovery time. 


It has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the straightening brush after 60 minutes. It also comes with a heat resistant glove that can be worn to protect your hands from potential burns or accidents.

There is a pouch to keep the straightener while it is not in use so as to protect it from damage in storage.

Bottom line

ghdKipoziBaBylissPROBio IonicRemingtonMiroPure
Heat Settings4.
Cansumer Rating4.

What to consider when looking for a hair straightener 

Plate size

Plate width usually ranges from 1-2 inches but the typical most common size is 1 inch since it is more versatile and is recommended for a wider variety of hair types. Curly and textured hair should be straightened in smaller sections so a small plate width is recommended. 2 inch plates straighten more hair at once speeding up the entire process especially if you have longer hair. 

Plate length is also a factor to keep in mind since it determines how much hair can be straightened at time and how close to your roots you can get. The longer the plate, the more you can comfortably maneuver the flat iron. Average plate lengths range from 3.5 to 4.25 inches. 

Temperature range

Flat irons often advertise how hot they can get but do keep in mind that most hair types should not be exposed to temperatures above 204°C. It is not necessary for your hair to get that hot since that much heat can cause damage especially with continued use. This is why companies like ghd have set the temperature at a single optimal level so as to not cause damage and overheat. 

For thicker hair, you usually need higher temperatures and it is the opposite for fine hair. To find the ideal temperature of your hair, set the heat on low and gradually increase the temperature until you are able to straighten your hair in just a single pass.

Ionic technology

Hair straighteners that use ionic technology produce negative ions that attract the positive water ions that can be found in the hair. As a result, ionic straighteners remove frizz and allow for smoother and sleeker hair so it is definitely a big bonus if your preferred straightener has this technology.

Ceramic or titanium plates

Ceramic plates heat up quickly and are pretty smooth so that hair doesn’t get caught in them while straightening. There is a difference between pure ceramic plates or ceramic-coated metal plates since coated plates do have the tendency of chipping over time or snagging and damaging hair when exposed to hot metal. 

Titanium plates become hotter faster than ceramic plates. They also emit more negative ions which, as mentioned previously, help to fight frizz. Titanium is also more lightweight and as a result is more expensive. 

Tourmaline-coated plates

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that is crushed and is used as a coating for hair straightener plates. This material is sought after because it also increases the negative ions produced by the plates — more negative ions means hair has less frizz and more shine.

Automatic shut-off

Most hot tools include an automatic shut-off feature so your straightener is not left on for more than 30 minutes to an hour. This is probably the most important safety feature since accidentally leaving the straightener on and leaving the house is a lot more common that you would think and that can be really dangerous.


Overall usability refers to the length of the cord, the weight, and the logic of controls. If a straightener is too heavy or difficult to maneuver, it becomes harder to use and you may have to repeatedly straighten the same strands of hair over again. This can cause unnecessary heat damage and breakage. 


As it goes with all appliances, it is important to have a long warranty. Even the highest quality hot tools can fizzle out and companies are usually great about their warranties and will immediately replace or fix a broken item without much hassle. 


This is definitely not a make it or break it since functionality is the most important feature. However, if you are using something every day then it makes sense to have something you find attractive on your countertop.


If you travel internationally a lot then choosing a hair straightener with dual or universal voltage is key. In hotels, you usually get a complimentary hair dryer to use but hair straighteners are not available in the same way so you must bring one with you. 

The voltage in Canada and the United States (110-120V) is different from Europe and Asia (220-240V) so buying one that has dual voltage and a switch, or preferably universal voltage will work abroad and save you the trouble of accidentally burning it out while traveling or buying a new one specifically for your trip. You’ll still need a plug adapter to accommodate the different electrical outlet design.

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