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It seems that most of us are searching for tips and tricks to enhance our figures. One of the most popular ways to achieve a slimmer, toned figure instantly is by wearing a shapewear piece. 

These creations are skin-tight apparel that provides pressure to certain parts of your body to smoothen and create a flatter surface. As a result, your body looks more sculpted and slimmer than before. 

No matter how slim you may be, there might be some problem areas on your body that the gym can’t fix, and cosmetic surgery isn’t always a go-to. For these moments, opt for one that reduces your waistline, creates an hourglass figure and reduces cellulite visibility. But, the most important benefit? Increasing your self-confidence!

We’ve searched for the best shapewear that provide a lifting and toned effect to enhance your natural figure. Take a look at our top picks, which are all designed to reduce any bulges around your love handles and stomach area.

For background information, see our comparison table and buying advice.

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Best shapewear comparison

Robert MatthewNINGMINebilityFranato
Best for OverallValueComfortStyle
SizeXS – 2XL60-66cm, 66-72cm, 72-78cm, and 78-82cmS – XXXLS – XXXL
MaterialNylon and Spandex100% nylonLatex core, cotton, and SpandexNylon and Spandex
ColorsBlack and nudeApricot and blackBeige and blackBlack and beige
Best aspectTargets your stomach, waist and bottomHi-waist designPush-up bra effectLightweight and breathable

Our pick for best overall – Robert Matthew Tummy Control Shorts

  • Best aspect: Targets your stomach, waist and bottom
  • Sizes: XS – 2XL
  • Material: Nylon and Spandex
  • Colours: Black and nude


  • Targets multiple parts of the body at one time
  • A non-slip design, so there’s no need to adjust during the day
  • Soft to the touch


  • Not suitable for those with a long torso

Fit and design

If you’re searching for a garment that doesn’t fit too tight or have loose sections, Robert Matthew designed this may be the perfect one for you. It hugs your skin without you experiencing any pressure points.

Its high-waist design makes this comfortable for when you’re moving around and it perfectly complements an array of tops, while still flattering all types of bras.


Thanks to the combination of nylon and Spandex, these control shorts remain comfortable to wear for long periods. It’s soft to the touch, helping your clothes to glide on top, without creating any noticeable ripples. It won’t dig into your skin, and it also reached down to your mid thighs for additional support. 


These tummy-control pants provide extra slimming around your stomach to help you feel sexy, confident and protected. The high-waist design provides a firm hold on your stomach, so you appear slimmer.

It hugs in your love handles to smooth your shape and create a toned, hourglass figure. Plus, these slimming pants lift and tighten your bottom for a fuller shape.

Best value – NINGMI Women’s Hi-Waist

  • Best aspect: Hi-waist design
  • Sizes: 60-66cm, 66-72cm, 72-78cm, and 78-82cm
  • Material: 100 percent nylon
  • Colours: Apricot and black


  • Holds in stomach and lifts bum
  • Doesn’t hurt to wear while eating
  • Flattens your stomach area dramatically


  • Tight elastic at the bottom
  • Seams can be visible through some clothing

Fit and design 

The high-waist design hugs your body in all the right places, and prevents a baggy shape after wearing it for a long time. This hi-waist shapewear offers the perfect fit as it’s not too tight and pressing into your stomach.

The fit is consistent throughout the compressed clothing so to not have some areas tighter and looser than others. When we searched through customer reviews, it was refreshing to discover that most users can wear this shapewear piece even when going out for a meal or sitting down in the office all day.


This hi-waist garment uses a soft and antibacterial fabric, so your skin can breathe freely. The material is also lightweight, so you can wear this shapewear piece for extended wear without it digging into your skin.

Its hugging fit keeps it close to your skin, so it isn’t prone to rolls and wrinkles for your special occasions. The elasticated bottom allows you to adjust it to suit your body.


The biggest benefit of this hi-waist garment is the immediate slimming effect you see on your stomach area. It instantly flattens your stomach area so any wobbly areas aren’t on show. Plus, the shapewear piece focuses on your love handles to create the perfect hour-glass figure with no discomfort. Due to this item’s design, your behind will also lift to appear more toned.

Best for comfort – Nebility Full-Body Corset

  • Best aspect: Push-up bra effect
  • Sizes: S – XXXL
  • Material: Latex core, cotton, and Spandex
  • Colours: Beige and black


  • Push-up bra provides a lifting effect
  • Convenient design for bathroom breaks
  • Breathable and lightweight materials


  • The zip can show through clothing
  • Can be difficult to complement with some bras

Fit and design

This compresses the stomach area and love handles for a slimmer-looking figure. This item of clothing is easy to put on and offers excellent versatility, so you can wear it with any outfit.

The materials stretch to ensure a comfortable and hugging fit. The included push-up bra connects to the corset to enhance your entire top half.


We rate this piece as the most comfortable on the list, due to the materials it’s designed with. With more aspects of cotton than other garments we’ve reviewed, it’s easy to wash, comfortable to wear, and remains breathable.

Compared to other pieces, this features cotton along the crotch lining to remain comfortable and non-irritating for wearing all day.


This bodysuit provides firm control to help you feel the sexiest version of yourself. It works perfectly with all body types and sizes, while shaping your body in ways you never knew were imaginable.

The powerful fabric smooths away any unflattering bumps and bulges, while remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, the push-up bra provides a lifting effect with every wear.

Best for style – Franato Women’s Bodysuit

  • Best aspect: Lightweight and breathable
  • Sizes: S – XXXL
  • Material: Nylon and Spandex
  • Colours: Black and beige


  • Creates an hourglass figure
  • Convenient for bathroom use
  • Suitable with all bras


  • More emphasis on slimming your thighs than stomach area
  • Not a flattering or sexy style

Fit and design

Unlike some other pieces, this doesn’t feature uncomfortable zips and buttons that can dig into your skin.

You can conveniently adjust the length to make this appropriate for under a skirt or dress. Plus, the skin-colour beige helps the clothing to blend in with your skin.


You can wear the Franato piece all day every day, thanks to the lightweight and breathable fabric. The crotch area is easy to access for bathroom use, and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

With a built-in elastic waistband, the bodysuit adjusts to your body shape and size. Although this piece features lacing on the bottom area, it isn’t itchy or uncomfortable to sit down in.


The bodysuit provides a seamless approach to hiding stomach rolls. The material also stretches well to fit all body types and sizes.

You’ll also love that it lifts your hips to provide a sleek, hourglass figure, helping you to feel confident in any outfit. Your stomach area will appear flatter as the fabric removes any noticeable bumps and bulges around your middle section. 

Bottom line

 Robert MatthewNINGMINebilityFranato
Fit and design443.54
Cansumer Rating444.23.8

What to consider when looking for shapewear?

Constriction options

Not everyone is looking for the same amount of control. Shapewear clothing with a high nylon content will alter your body shape compared to a low nylon content. Take a feel of the garment, too. 

If it’s lightweight and slips through your hands, it’s designed to smooth any targeted spots on your figure. Alternatively, garments that are heavier and thicker feature more compression zones that suck your body in, resulting in a thinner body.

Target your body 

Consider what areas of your body you wish to tone up, reduce the appearance of cellulite and remove any bulges. There are numerous options to choose from depending on the zones you wish to target. 

High-waist shapewear garments create a smooth and polished figure, making them a great choice for wearing underneath tight-fitted dresses. Alternatively, if you’re looking for all-over shaping, opt for a bodysuit that provides coverage and compression on all areas of your body. This includes the love handles, stomach, bottom, and provides a lifting effect to the breasts.


There are many different materials used, but the most are spandex, nylon, and cotton. Spandex is the holy grail for applying comfortable pressure to areas of your body so you appear thinner. Spandex also reduces any bulges and bumps around the stomach area and thighs (if applicable).

Cotton is a breathable material that keeps you feeling fresh, and most will feature this material around the crotch area. Cotton also makes the garment machine washable and ensures it’s soft to touch and remains gentle and comfortable against your skin.

Is shapewear right for you? 

Slimmer appearance

Most women have cellulite, regardless of their body shape or weight. Fortunately, many pieces are designed to reduce its appearance by eliminating any unwanted lumps and bulges so your skin appears more toned and even throughout without having to suck it in or feel self-conscious.

As a result, your body will look smaller without hitting the gym or changing your diet.


Shapewear is also aimed at those looking for support along the back and bust area. With a range of styles to choose from, there’a undergarments available to provide a push-up effect, without the need for an additional bra.

If you experience back aches or pains, many garments can apply pressure so you’re supported throughout every move.


What material is the best for shapewear?

Spandex and nylon are the two most popular materials used. Spandex is responsible for removing any visible bulges on your body while encouraging an hourglass figure. Nylon is a go-to material for comfort and remaining breathable, so it feels soft against your skin.

How do I choose the right size shapewear?

Some consumers believe that a tight shapewear enhances its features and sucks you in more. While this may essentially be true, opting for clothing that’s clearly too small for your body shape can actually accentuate any bulges.

Instead, opt for a fit that’s comfortable while ensuring it’s tight-fitted against your skin.

How can I avoid a muffin-top look?

If you carry weight around your middle section, avoid shapewear that stops at the waist. Otherwise, you’ll experience a muffin top or your stomach will overhang, creating the opposite effect you’re looking for. Instead, opt for clothing that’s high-waisted and ends just under your bust to avoid this.


Over to you

Although results may be your goal, ensure you put your comfort and safety first, and avoid wearing shapewear that digs into your skin or provides an uncomfortable level of compression.

We’re interested to know – what is your approach to shapewear?

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