14 Best Boot Brands Made in Canada

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Updated January 23, 2023

There is a reason why Team Canada’s Olympic hashtag was #wearewinter. Canada boasts some rough terrain and extreme winter climates, but that never stands in our way of getting to work or enjoying the outdoors year-round.

Whether you are looking for a resilient boot for work, an attractive yet functional boot for everyday, or keeping your tootsies warm in the winter, show your support for these Canadian made boot brands.

1. Kamik

Kamik has been a family owned and operated footwear company in Canada since it’s first manufacturing plant opened in Contrecoeur, Quebec in 1898. The company sources the rubber from Japan, which is one of their strongest differentiators in the quality of their product.

Kamik also focuses on numerous green initiatives including recycled products. They offer a wide variety of boots for the entire family so you can all rock the Inukshuk logo with pride.  

  • Headquarters: Contrecoeur, Quebec
  • Where to buy: their website, select retail stores
  • Types: rain boots, winter boots, sandals, slippers
  • Who: toddlers, children, men, women 

2. Anfibio

Anfibio has pledged to be 100% made in Canada since 1968. It quickly became a recognized lifestyle brand to Canadians. In fact, Anfibio was responsible for introducing the first waterproof leather boot in Canada. 

The brand is known for providing uncommon widths and sizes of shoes, some styles will see up to a men’s size 19. Anfibio offers stylish and durable footwear and accessories for men and women. 

  • Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
  • Where to buy: their website, select retail stores
  • Types: winter boots, everyday boots, bags, accessories
  • Who: men, women 

3. Saute-Mouton

Saute-Mouton got its start in 1998 and has been family owned and operated throughout its entire operations. They display a large collection of boots every year that feature several textures and colours. 

While they do have an online store, a few of their lines are exclusive to retail stores. Saute-Mouton stands behind their Canadian made products and endeavor to produce footwear that is exceptional quality at a competitive price. 

  • Headquarters: Quebec City, Quebec
  • Where to buy: their website, select retail stores
  • Types: winter boots, everyday boots 
  • Who: men, women

4. Martino

While the Martino brand wasn’t established until 1995, the company was created by the well-known footwear manufacturing team of Auclair & Martineau who have been making their footprint on the industry since 1956. 

The manufacturing plant is based in Quebec and operates with a number of sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives. Over 95% of the energy used at the factory comes from renewable energy resources making their carbon footprint substantially smaller than other manufacturing plants. 

Each boot is designed to suit life in Canada and our ever changing seasons. Additionally, they are handmade on Canadian soil and 100% waterproof.  

  • Headquarters: Quebec City, Quebec
  • Where to buy: select retail stores
  • Types: winter boots, everyday boots, multi-season boots 
  • Who: men, women

5. Royer

Royer has stood the test of time having started in Quebec in 1934. They became known for making high quality, durable work boots. 139 of their 236 styles are designed and assembled (cut, stitched, lasted and soled) at their factories in Sherbrooke and Lac-Drolet, Quebec, and the ones that are made in Canada can be filtered on their website

In 2013, Royer added a well-known spokesperson to their marketing efforts. A mixed martial arts world champion, Georges St. Pierre is an amazing advocate for a brand that demonstrates the same strength, resilience, and durability he possesses inside and outside the octagon.

  • Headquarters: Lac-Drolet, Quebec
  • Where to buy: select retail stores
  • Types: work boots
  • Who: men, women

6. Pajar

A five-generation family owned company, Pajar was established in 1963 in Montreal, Quebec. The company strategized to combine comfort and functionality with high-end designs. This gives Canadians boots they need for extreme winters without sacrificing style. They use 100% genuine leather and the sheepskin liners will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -40°C. 

Pajar offers all the necessities to make it through a Canadian winter as well as all the other seasons. You can outfit your entire family with the Pajar Canada brand! 

  • Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
  • Where to buy: their website, select retail stores
  • Types: winter boots, multi-season boots, everyday boots, casual shoes, outerwear, accessories
  • Who: men, women, children

7. La Canadienne

Boasting a mantra of “style, comfort & quality,” La Canadienne began operations in Montreal, Quebec and has perfected their 100-step process over the past 70 years. Their products are manufactured in both Italy and Montreal, but you can filter the ones that are specifically made in Canada on the website. 

La Canadienne most definitely targets high-fashion conscious women with everything from boots, shoes, coats, accessories, and bags. With La Canadienne, you get what you pay for!

  • Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
  • Where to buy: their website, select retail stores, select online retailers
  • Types: winter boots, everyday boots, dress boots, shoes, accessories, coats
  • Who: women

9. SoftMoc

SoftMoc was created in 1990 in Toronto and remains a Canadian owned and operated brand. In 1996 they became the first online shoe store in Canada. They have a large amount of SoftMoc branded retail stores nationwide. Their line of made in Canada Moccasins is the only products they claim are made in Canada.

Other footwear manufacturers have recognized the brand awareness SoftMoc has, which has led them to position their products in SoftMoc retail locations as well as their online website. 

  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
  • Where to buy: their website, Softmoc retail stores
  • Types: winter boots, everyday boots, moccasins & mukluks, dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, slippers, accessories
  • Who: men, women, girls

10. Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks is an innovative and trailblazing Indigenous owned company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have been recognized by Vogue, the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, Flare, and CBC. The brand features a number of different lines, which can be sorted with a “made in Canada” filter on their website. 

Manitobah Mukluks was created to emulate the original winter boot of Canada dating back thousands of years. Their mukluks are breathable, insulated to withstand temperatures as low as -32°C, and most importantly are comfortable. The designs from Manitobah Mukluks are meant to embrace the historic creations from the past, but as an added bonus they also feature Indigenous art on the soles.

  • Headquarters: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Where to buy: their website, select retail stores
  • Types: moccasins, mukluks, clothing, accessories, blankets
  • Who: men, women, children

11. Canada West Boots

Since being established in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1978, Canada West Boots has been stomping its way through the country and has become a leader in the boot industry. This brand is still kickin’ it old school and only sells their products in retail stores. That said, retailers small and large carry this iconic line so they are easily accessible for everyone. 

  • Headquarters: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Where to buy: select retail stores
  • Types: western boots, work boots, biker boots, everyday boots
  • Who: men, women

12. Alberta Boot Company

Alberta Boot Company is a family owned and operated boot company who has been manufacturing in Calgary since 1978. They are the exclusive supplier of the traditional RCMP high browns, made boots for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge during their 2011 Royal Tour, and has become a staple stop for attendees of the internationally known Calgary Stampede. 

Alberta Boots is the province’s only western boot makers and has outfitted celebrities, professional athletes, and numerous other people worldwide. Embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl with a pair of boots from this proud Canadian company. 

  • Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta
  • Where to buy: retail store in Calgary, online
  • Types: western boots, everyday boots, dress boots, police boots
  • Who: men, women

13. Dayton Boots

Dayton Boots began in 1946 after its founder developed a reputation from repairing loggers’ boots. The Dayton difference is what makes this brand stand out from the rest. Each set of boots is hand crafted and goes through an extremely labour intensive process during manufacturing. 

Dayton believes in their quality so much they offer a limited lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects. Their boots are able to be resoled and reconditioned with ease, which allows wearers to have the same boots for decades. 

  • Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Where to buy: their website, Vancouver retail store location
  • Types: work boots, western boots, biker boots, accessories, apparel 
  • Who: men, women


Founded in 1931 by Swedish immigrant Edwin Viberg, who initially settled and learned his craft in Saskatchewan before moving to Prince George, BC after WWII to make his boots for workers in the booming logging industry. Today, the company is 3rd generation family-owned and operated out of a 10,000 sqft facility in Victoria, BC and know for using traditional methods, equipment and materials to provide the most authentic boots possible.

Their iconic The Service Boot (pictured above) dates back to the company’s original boot design and is made from 100% veg-tanned, Burned Oak Dublin leather from Horween (US).

  • Headquarters: Victoria, British Columbia
  • Where to buy: website, select stockists
  • Types: work boots, ankle boots, slippers, sneakers, slippers, shoes, hiking boots
  • Who: men, women

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  1. Please verify your content. I just purchased a pair of boots from Kamik. My understanding was that it’s Made in Canada. I was very surprised to note the poor quality of the boots as I had several pairs before. upon examining them closer I found a tag stating that it was made in India. Sites like this and the Kamik website as well are misleading and now it’s vosting me money to ship it back for a refund.

    • Hi Margaret, I apologize for the inconvenience. I have updated the link to Kamik’s website to show only the products they’ve tagged as made in Canada.

  2. I’m searching for ladies women’s tall black boots a bit past knee with stretch and round toe – my sister gave me many beautiful tall boots but they are not my size 🤦‍♀️ I had some really nice tall over the knee black pull on boots – they peeled – I tossed them.
    Please let me know where in kitchener Waterloo Mississauga I can find affordable- yes affordable tall black boots size 9 with stretch at back …like a riding boot heal rounded toe. I have a pair from Walmart last year -the short zipper in a tall boots looks very cheap – brand new size 9 sitting here but the zipper is short … and is not wanted put the FULL ZIPPER IN THE TALL BOOTS – manufacturers wake up please. always provide tall over knee boots with stretch and full zipper for people with physical disabilities…leg swelling from sciatica and herniated lower disc’s- have ability to get their boots on – with a full zipper. manufacturers …seem to forget about accessibility for all customers.
    thank you everyone

  3. You are telling people to buy from Manitobah Mukluk ,Canadian store !!!! There products are all made in other countries and are nOT CANADIAN MADE and so are not made swell. I know because I’ve gotten a couple of pairs and they aren’t good quality and do not fit right. There is a Canadian Made Mukluk/Moccasin star in Ontario called Egli’s which make a much better quality
    shoe/boot that Manitobah and they are made HERE, I want Canadian made and I want to support Canadian Indigenous people , not other countries .

  4. Many of those Canadian companies have boots that are Made in China, it seems the higher end ones are made here so you need to do your research. Pajar, Manitobah Mukluks for starters.

  5. You have to add Viberg and John Fluevog. Especially Viberg. They are the best boots in the world, on the level of Tricker’s.

    • Great suggestions Jay! We will add Viberg to the list. While Fluevog is a Canadian brand and their products designed in Canada, the shoes are manufactured in Portugal, Vietnam, China, Mexico, or Peru.