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Love researching and comparing products and services?

Our mission is to help Canadians find the best products and services available to them.

The content we create and publish falls primarily into the following 4 formats. The examples will give you a sense of the level of detail and depth we strive for. You can also read about our company philosophy on our About Cansumer page.

Buyer’s Guides

The best options of a particular product or service for the job that are available to people living in Canada. Includes a mini review of each option that discusses the features, benefits and criteria that are most important to prospective buyers accompanied by tables summarizing the facts and figures. 

Example: Best All-Season Tires in Canada


An honest and genuine take on a product or service from the perspective of someone living in Canada. It is a discussion of the benefits, features and criteria that are most important to prospective buyers and is accompanied by tables summarizing the facts and figures.

Example: EQ Bank Review


Comprehensive and structured but still conversational, they aren’t regurgitated ‘Top 10’ listicles based on Buzzfeed articles, they’re methodically curated resources to help readers understand and access all of the best options available to them. These are heavily focused on tips and resources to live your best life in Canada.

Example: Most Dangerous Animals in Canada


A handbook in layman’s terms on the facts, steps and tips necessary to lead Canadians through a journey of understanding and equip them to tackle the task at hand. They’re a methodical and detailed breakdown of a topic based on laws, best practices, statistics and studies.

Examples: Tenant Insurance in Canada

Conflict of interest notice

Our ethics are crucial to us. We cannot hire anyone who has a conflict with the interests of our readers in reading objective and unbiased reviews. If you receive any form of compensation or sponsorship from gear manufacturers, their agencies, or their representatives or intend to do so in the future, please understand that will disqualify you from working on reviews in related categories.

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