Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments in Canada

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Toilet paper is still the favoured way of cleaning up after using the toilet in Canada and North America, but considering the recent toilet paper hoarding, we aim to put bidets in the spotlight and show why they are so popular in Europe and Asia. In Japan for example, 77.5% of homes have a bidet.

For those of us who have never used one, they can seem intimidating and possibly revolting. The first step is to learn how they work and the next is learning the facts. Bidets have a number of benefits, including:

  • Gentler cleaning for those who suffer from hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Require less flexibly to use so they are easier for the elderly, less-abled and obese.
  • Are more environmentally friendly, saving the 37 gallons of water, 1.3 kilowatt/hours (KWh) of electricity and some 1.5 pounds of wood to create a single roll of toilet paper.

The jury is out on which is more hygienic as both toilet paper and bidets have the potential to transmit contagious diseases if not used properly. For bidets, this is of greater concern in public restrooms than in homes.

Whether you want to an attachment that fits on your existing toilet, a new toilet seat with a built-in bidet, or a simple bottle that you can take with you on the go, we have reviewed the top-rated options below.

For background information, see our comparison table and buying advice.

Best bidet attachments

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Best bidet attachments comparison

Luxe Neo 120LIVINGbasics Hot and ColdBioBidet Smart SeatLuxe Neo 180Toto C100Toto C200Tone Life
Best forOverallBudgetRemote ControlDual NozzleToilet SeatPremiumTravel
Nozzle typeSingleDualDualDualDualDualSingle
Hot waterXXX
Cold water
Remote controlXXXXX
Air dryXXXX
Retractable nozzleX
Oscillating jetsXXXXXX
Nozzle guardXXXXX
Easy to installXXXn/a
Total reviews14,3699201,3146,9222,5101,28075
Aggregate rating4.

Best overall – Luxe Bidet Neo 120


  • Affordable
  • Four water pressure settings
  • 18-month warranty (plus extended period when registered)
  • Easy installation
  • Retractable nozzle


  • Build quality issues
  • Connector issues

This Luxe Bidet Neo 120 toilet attachment manages to tick so many boxes. It is affordable, reliable, and constructed from high-quality materials, like the braided steel tubes. Other brands like to use plastic hoses, which are less robust and perish quicker. 

As with most bidet attachments featured, this model is self-cleaning, so when you finish using it, there is no need to scrub away any mess. Also, it has a nozzle guard, which further protects against ingrained dirt.

There are four water pressure settings, and it has a retractable nozzle for when the bidet is not in use. And the design is such that it fits almost every brand of toilet. 

This Luxe may not be the best for bells and whistles or the cheapest bidet attachment available, but it seems to do everything you want from a bidet, at a fantastic price. We had to make this our best overall.

Best on a budget – LIVINGbasic Hot and Cold Water Toilet Bidet


  • Easy to install
  • Great value for money
  • Cleans both front and rear (Works for different genders)
  • Retractable nozzles
  • Precise pressure control
  • Hot and cold water


  • Elevates the toilet seat
  • Build quality issues

This LIVINGbasics bidet attachment is excellent value for money. It retails at less than most other attachments and yet manages to combine useability with quality.

Let’s start with how easy this bidet is to install. It should be within the capabilities of the most novice DIY enthusiasts, and it is pretty universal, even fitting some 1-piece toilets. Also, you get 2 retracting nozzles that deliver warm and fresh water. It means this bidet caters to both the front and rear ends and is suitable for feminine cleaning. 

The nozzles are also self-cleaning. There are 5 water pressure settings that enable you to control the precise flow of the water, and 4 high and low settings for the water temperature.

This bidet attachment is remarkable because it delivers features typically reserved for high-end products at a budget price. 

Best remote control bidet – BioBidet Bliss


  • Heated seat
  • Warm water
  • Massaging jet of water
  • Night light
  • Energy-saving mode


  • The price
  • Requires electricity

Okay, now we are moving into the realms of royal bidet attachments. This remote control all in one bidet toilet seat is all singing and dancing. It has a heated seat (great for cold winter nights), a warm air drying feature, and adjustable washes for posterior and feminine hygiene.

It even has a night light and remote control.

This seat has a continuous flow of warm water and an oscillating massage feature that delivers the jet of water in a way that cleanses gently. And finally, it has an energy-saving mode. 

This is our remote control pick because it has all the bells and whistles, but there is a word of warning; this seat is 8 times the price of others featured in the review. 

Best dual nozzle bidet – Luxe Bidet Neo 180


  • Dual nozzles for both male and female use
  • Retracting nozzle
  • Nozzle guard for added hygiene
  • Braided steel attachment hoses
  • Easy installation


  • Water pressure can be painful
  • Prone to leaking

This is the second Luxe product to feature, and this is the 180 model. What makes this different is the dual nozzle that caters for male and female hygiene. The feminine wash is gentler, which is useful at certain times of the month and for new or expectant mothers. 

The retracting nozzle self-cleans, there is a nozzle guard for added cleanliness, and it comes with an 18-month warranty, which extends when you register your product online. 

Installing this bidet should be simple because it fits most toilet designs and comes with all the tools you will need.

Best toilet seat bidet – Toto C100


  • Half the price of the premium pick
  • Heated seat, air dryer, and air deodorizer
  • Caters to males and females
  • 5 adjustable temperature and heat controls
  • Self-cleaning nozzle


  • Doesn’t fit all toilet designs
  • Pipe connectors difficult to fit

This Toto dedicated bidet toilet seat has front and rear warm water cleansing, so it caters to delicate areas as well as your posterior. It also means that men and women can use this bidet comfortably. 

You get 5 adjustable temperature and pressure settings as well as a pre-mist feature to guard against any unwanted adherence. It even has a heated seat and an air deodorizer.

For the price, this one almost rivals the premium choice, but narrowly misses out on that accolade, so we awarded it the best seat bidet. It misses out because while this bidet is cheaper, it doesn’t fit all toilets. It installs better on longer bowl toilets.

Best premium bidet – Toto C200


  • Air dryer and deodorizer
  • Heated seat
  • Suitable for men and women
  • 5 adjustable heat and pressure settings
  • Premist
  • Remote control


  • The price
  • Doesn’t fit all toilet types

This C200 washlet bidet toilet seat is the next model up in the range from Toto. You still get the heated seat, the air deodorizer, and the air dryer, but you get additional benefits too. 

On top of the self-cleaning nozzle and the warm water, front and rear cleansing jets, this model comes with remote control. It also has an illuminated touch-pad and 2 user memory functions. 

Price-wise, this seat is comparable to the BioBidet Bliss, which we had as our remote control pick, so while you get a lot of extras with this bidet seat, you’ll sure as hell pay for it. 

Best travel bidet – Tone Life


  • Stay clean on the move
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • No batteries
  • 450 ml capacity


  • Expensive for what they are
  • Basic 
  • Feel cheaply made

This is something slightly different compared to the other products we’ve looked at so far. When you travel, especially to countries that typically don’t use bidets, having the ability to take one with you is invaluable. 

This travel bidet is a straightforward concept. It consists of a squeezy bottle with a long neck and an angled nozzle on the end. It works by angling the nozzle upwards and squeezing to eject a spray of water on your nether regions. 

Each bottle holds 450 ml of water and is small enough to pack in a suitcase. The nozzle has 7 holes to ensure an even spray of the water in the right areas, and no batteries are required. 

The downside is the price. These two travel bidets are quite expensive for what they are. Essentially, they are two plastic bottles filled with water. 

Bottom line

Luxe Neo 120LIVINGbasics Hot and ColdBioBidet Smart SeatLuxe Neo 180Toto C100Toto C200Tone Life
Ease of Use5544445
Cansumer Rating4.54443.753.53.5

What to consider when looking for a bidet attachment

Nozzle type

Nozzle type is crucial to how well your bidet attachment functions. You typically get a choice between single or dual nozzles. So what’s the difference?

Single nozzles are more basic and tend to have just one jet or spray of water. They can be a little unforgiving,  primarily because they are geared towards cleaning your rear end after a movement. 

Some bidets allow you to adjust the water pressure to decrease the stinging impact that a jet of water brings to your nether regions; however, they are more difficult for women to use because females have different hygiene needs to men.

So let’s look at dual nozzles. These give you the option of switching from cleansing the front or rear, making them much better for women to use. The front jet is often gentler, with some even offering oscillating water jets that soothe and massage. 

Put simply, if you are installing a bidet attachment, consider the way that both genders use the toilet and try and cater to both.

Warm or cold water?

Some of you hardy folk out there find a blast of cold water refreshing and bracing. Others prefer the delights of warmth on their bottoms. It comes down to preference as well as budget. Some budget end bidet attachments only offer one choice of water temperature, and it is rarely the warm option. 

You need to look for a bidet with variable temperature control. Also, if you want warm water, your toilet will need to be close to your sink so you can run a heated water pipe. 

However, if you are willing to stretch the budget, the higher you go up the price scale, the more features your bidet attachment will have. Some premium models give you the option to split between cold in the summer and warm in winter. 


The price of bidet attachments varies enormously. You can spend as little as $70 or $80 right up to almost $900. How much you lay out for your slice of luxury is up to you, just make sure you are getting value for money whatever you spend. 

You will find some models have everything more expensive bidets have but costs half the price. It doesn’t mean they are the better choice because the high-end models might deliver the same features better. 

Unfortunately, bidet attachments are the one product you cannot try before you buy.

Remote control

Remote control isn’t essential, but rather something to consider if you are spending a lot of money and feel you deserve increased control options. It does make using the bidet more convenient, as you never have to fumble for the controls as you sit there. Other than this, it isn’t a deal-breaker. 


Without an air-dry facility, you are going to be standing up with a wet bum. This is essential if you are spending the top budget. Air-dry also means that your posterior gets the gentlest treatment possible, which is good news, especially if you are suffering from an illness that could affect the number of times you need to use the lavatory.

The other advantage is convenience because you no longer need to reach for a towel. 


Again, this isn’t a necessity as most bathrooms have air fresheners, but at a specific price point, a deodorizer should be something you would expect. It helps to create a germ-free, smell-free toilet experience. 


Premist is useful when trying to keep your toilet clean. It coats the inside of the bowl in a mist of water that stops anything sticking and causing germs or bacteria growth. It also reduces the number of hours spent on your hands and knees, scrubbing the toilet.

Oscillating jets

This is a feature often found on higher-end bidet attachments. The oscillation softens the impact of the water jet and makes the user experience much more comfortable. Typically, dual nozzle bidets have this to cater for feminine hygiene. 

Retractable nozzle

A nozzle that retracts is important because every time you use the toilet, you could be making the nozzle dirty. While withdrawn, it is out of harm’s way. And remember, there are occasions when men don’t need the benefits of a bidet attachment because they can pee standing up. 

Also, make sure that the nozzle has a self-cleaning function. Most do but double-check because they can become dirty very quickly and end up doing more harm than good.

Easy to install

These bidet attachments are designed for the average person to fit in 10 to 20 minutes. If they take longer or are too complicated, then some people will employ a plumber, and that ramps up the costs further. 

Most attachments involve diverting the cold water pipe that attaches to your toilet’s water tank and screwing it to the bidet. For the more expensive models that have warm water functions, you will need to feed the hot water pipe from your sink. 

Also, check that your chosen bidet attachment fits your style of toilet. Not all do, so check before you buy.


Most manufacturers offer between 12 and 18 month’s warranty. Luxe gives you the option of extending the life of the warranty if you register the product online after you make your purchase. 

That said, some of the budget models only offer 90-days.

Which bidet attachment is right for you?

You are pregnant and want the gentlest toilet experience

This is an easy one. First, look for a dual nozzle bidet attachment. That way, you ensure that the front and rear water jets cater for different purposes. The rear tends to be more vigorous, whereas the front jet is gentler and designed for feminine use.

Also, consider warm water features, and if you have the budget, an air-dry facility. It means that you never need to wipe or dry again, and that reduces the risks of broken skin and rashes forming. 

You have underlying health conditions

For the less able, a bidet attachment is an ideal upgrade to their toilets. Simple things like wiping after a movement can be a challenge, while some may have other ailments that cause them to take trips to the lavatory more frequently than others. 

Anything that removes the need to wipe is going to be more convenient, faster, and less prone to injury. Plus, if you do suffer and find yourself in the lavatory more frequently, you reduce the chances of developing a skin rash by removing the need to wipe excessively. 

If this is you, we would always recommend dual nozzles and the air-dry facility.

For carers, having a remote control is handy because it means you can control your relative’s toilet experience without being too intrusive. You could even stand the other side of the door while they relay instructions. 

It might help your relative feel like they have regained some independence. 

You want the most comfortable seat

No doubt that opting for a bidet seat attachment is more comfortable than using just an attachment that slides under your existing seat. The full seat attachment varieties have all the components built-in, and the seats tend to be elongated for a more comfortable experience.


Do I use the bidet attachment before I flush the toilet?

If you want decent water pressure, it is better to use the bidet before you flush. Reducing the amount of water in the cistern will reduce the pressure levels in the water jet.

Are bidet attachments hygienic?

Anything that reduces the amount of paper you use to wipe after going to the toilet is better for you. Bidet attachments spray clean water over your genitals and rear end to clean away any soiling. It removes all traces of the waste material, meaning that you have less hand contact and a cleaner toilet experience. 

Also, it will be kinder on your bottom in the long run. 

How do I get warm water from my bidet attachment?

That’s easy; first, it has to have that specific feature as part of the design. And second, your toilet needs to be close to your sink so that you can channel a hot water feed pipe to your lavatory. 

Without this, you will likely only get cold water. 

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