How HVAC Equipment Rental Scams Work

Year-after-year, new brands use new sales tricks and legal loopholes to sell rental contracts and cash out by selling to asset management companies for millions of dollars – that are taken from the pockets of unsuspecting homeowners.

Ontario Green Savings Group Reviews & Complaints

Ontario Green Savings sells long-term rental contracts for home appliances including water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners that end up charging multiple times more than the equipment is actually worth and cost tens of thousands of dollars to cancel or break.

Affordable Housing in Ontario

The definitions of affordable housing in practice, what level of governments are responsible for housing and where the funds come from.

Best Mattress Donation & Disposal Options in Canada

If you want a socially responsible way to dispose of your old mattress without it ending up in a landfill, you likely have a few options locally. Don’t dump your mattress next to a dumpster or the side of the road – it’s illegal and you could be fined for waste dumping.