Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilator (HRV/ERV) Systems

A heat recovery ventilator is a home ventilation system that improves indoor air quality by bringing fresh air into your home from outside and blowing stale air inside your home outside in an energy efficient way.

Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks in Canada – Reviews & Buying Guide

Sunrise alarm clocks offer one of the healthiest ways of waking up, especially if your schedule or living situation makes waking up naturally with the real sunrise impossible. By lighting up gradually, they offer the most pleasant and least jarring way of waking up in the morning.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers in Canada – Reviews & Buying Guide

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to create a soothing environment. They work by dispersing your essential oil of choice into the air to be inhaled. Most essential oils release a pleasant fragrance into the air when diffused while also purifying the air by killing the bacteria and fungus in it.

Best Weighted Blankets in Canada – Reviews & Buying Guide

Weighted blankets are a heavier than usual throw or comforter designed to wrap the body in a soothing embrace. They help some kids and adults manage a wide range of conditions including anxiety, stress, autism, restless leg syndrome among many others.

Best Portable Washing Machines in Canada

Don’t have the space or hookups for a full sized washer? Want to wash your clothes on an RV trip? Save trips to the laundromat with these portable washing machines.