Enter 6J7W30 Public Mobile Referral Code & Get $10 Credit (Active 2023)



Offer: get a $10 account credit using the code below
(or $25, depending on promos)

  1. Buy a Public Mobile SIM card
  2. Tap the code to copy it:

3. Click the button below to activate:

How to use the Public Mobile referral code

On the Payment screen – the last step of the account activation process, enter 6J7W30 as your Friend Referral Code on Public Mobile and you’ll get at least a $10 credit on your account to go towards your next phone bill.

1. Paste the referral code, 2. Click add button

Don’t have a Public SIM card?

You can buy two SIM cards for $10 online from Public Mobile here, or a single one for around $7 from Amazon:

Or you can buy one at a Telus Store, Koodo Store, Mobile Klinik, or other kiosk:

How to switch to Public Mobile and keep my phone number?

Switching to Public Mobile is easy. All you need is:

  • a phone
  • Public Mobile SIM card
  • Credit card (they accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or Visa Debit card for payment
  • Your IMEI (dial *#06# on your phone) of your existing mobile phone or your account number of your previous service provider 
  • Your original SIM card & active service with your previous provider so that you can receive a number transfer confirmation text message

Note: Only the authorized account holder can transfer a number.

To port your existing phone number, don’t call Koodo, Lucky or whoever your current service provider is.

Instead, do:

  1. Buy a new Public Mobile SIM card and wait for it to arrive.
  2. Copy the referral code 6J7W30 and then go to their activation portal.
  3. On Page 1 – “Account Setup” – enter your
  4. On Page 2 – “Phone Number” – you’ll be asked if you want a new phone number or to keep your old phone number, by transferring it from your current provider. Choose the “I want to bring my existing phone number with me” option. Enter your existing phone number you want to transfer over as well as the name of your service provider, account number with that provider or your phone’s IMEI and an alternative callback contact number in case there’s an issue.
  5. On Page 3 – “Plans” – Select the plan you want – note that there are tabs for the 3G and 4G plans
  6. On Page 4 – “Payment” – Paste the code you copied earlier into the “Friend Referral Code” field and click the add button. Enter your credit or visa debit card details and select whether you’d like to pre-authorize payments.
  7. Your card will be charged and a Public will submit a request to your previous provider on your behalf. You will likely receive a text message from your previous provider asking you to confirm the request that you must respond to with in 90 minutes. If you do not receive the message, you can contact them to manually release your number.
  8. Once you agree, you will lose service on your existing SIM card.*
  9. Take out your old SIM card and replace it with the Public Mobile SIM
  10. You should receive a welcome text message asking you to restart your phone.*
  11. Your service will now be active.
  12. Sign in to your Public Mobile online account and you will receive an text with an authorization code. Enter this in the login process to pair your phone with your online account.

*It can take up to 2 hours to complete the transfer of a mobile phone number and account activation. If you run into any errors or issues, send a direct message (DM) to CS_Agent (PM employee) on the Public Mobile Community forums. They are available Monday to Sunday: 6 AM to 10 PM EST.

Why use Public Mobile?

Public Mobile is a discount, no-frills prepaid mobile brand (MVNO) owned by Telus that offers prepaid phone plans with 4G and 3G data speeds starting at $15/mo. It competes in the same market segment as Lucky Mobile (Bell) and Chatr (Rogers).

Here’s why I switched to Public Mobile from Koodo:

Public now has plans with 4G speeds

All Public Mobile plans were previously limited to 3G and capped mobile data download speeds to 3 Mbps. However, as of July 2022 they now offer plans with 4G connectivity – which may reach download speeds up to 100 Mbps, with the coverage and reliability of the LTE network. This is more than enough for most applications. 5G network connectivity is not available.

And now that Koodo Mobile is throttling their 4G to a maximum of 100 Mbps, the difference between the two providers has narrowed considerably.

More data for less money

At Koodo, I was paying $45/mo for:

  • 6GB of 4G data
  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes
  • Unlimited international texts
  • Voicemail, Call Display, Call Waiting, Conference Calling

Certainly not the worst, but far from the best deal out there when compared to Black Friday phone deals. However, those are typically limited-duration (6 to 18 months), but I prefer price stability over having to frequently “play the game” of finding the cheapest limited-time deal and contacting a new provider to get transferred over.

Since at least November 2022, Public Mobile has been offering a $40/mo plan that includes:

  • 15GB of 4G data
  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes
  • Unlimited international texts
  • Voicemail, Call Display and Conference Calling
  • 3x points for 12 months on add-on purchases

While not the best deal ever, it is seemingly available on permanent/long-term basis, meaning you won’t lose features after a limited time.

Rewards from the Public Points program

In addition to their lower phone plan prices, the Public Mobile points program offers a number of ways to earn reward points where 1 point = 1 dollar:

  • Signing up – 5 points ($5)
  • Making payments – 5% back in points
  • Anniversary – 10 points ($10) per 12 months
  • Refer a friend – 1 point ($1) per month a friend you refer stays with Public
  • Answer questions on the community forum – up to 20 points ($20) per month

Points can be redeemed for money off your bill, free add-ons, or the chance to win awesome prizes:

No lock-in

Since you bring your own phone provider and only offers prepaid month-by-month service with no credit check. You can leave for another provider whenever a better deal comes along with no fee. No need to wait until you’ve paid off your phone to avoid fees or penalties. Public is perfect if you’re between contracts, phone tabs or other lock-in methods and you want to lower your phone bill.

Changing to Public also means that you may be eligible to receive win-back offers from your previous provider, which are often better than publicly advertised plan deals.

See my full review of Public Mobile here.


How good is Public Mobile’s network coverage?

Public Mobile uses their parent company Telus’ telecom network, the largest in Canada. Telus and Bell have a reciprocal network sharing agreement forming what is referred to as multi-operator core network (MOCN) through which Bell lets Telus use their towers in the east of Canada, and Bell can use Telus’ towers in the west.

Public’s download speeds on the network were previously capped at 3G, but they now offer 4G plans with speeds capped at 100 Mbps (same as Koodo) – more than enough for most applications – with the coverage and reliability of the Telus LTE network. However, 5G is not available.

For example, 15 Mbps is recommended to watch 4K Netflix and 20 Mbps is enough for watching 4K YouTube. Streaming live video at 1080p, 60 frames per second from a platform like Twitch requires 6 Mbps.

How to get a Public Mobile referral code?

After you’ve purchased a SIM card, but before signing up for a Public Mobile account and activating your account, use the referral code 6J7W30 to get a $10 account credit and then follow this link to activate your SIM card.

Once you activate your account, you will get your own referral code here that you can use to give to friends and family and get $1 off each month for each one that joins for as long as they stay with Public.

How much does a Public Mobile SIM card cost?

On their website, a SIM card typically costs $10 and comes with a bonus SIM to give to a friend or family member. They sometimes drop the price to $5. If you just want a single SIM, it’s worth checking the price for their SIM on Amazon, where it sells for around $7.

Does Public Mobile support eSIM?

No, they do not support eSIM. They only support physical SIM cards at this time.

Why is Public Mobile so cheap?

Public Mobile offers some of the lowest rates because:

  • You bring your own phone (though they do sell a small selection of certified pre-owned phones).
  • Self-serve – everything from activating to buying add-ons is done through your online account on their website.
  • Web-based – they do not have a call center. All customer service is provided through help articles, the SIMon chat bot and the community forum.
  • No retail stores – though some services are provided through Telus and Koodo locations.
  • Limited marketing budget – growth comes from word of mouth and referrals.

Over to you

If you have any questions about the activation process, let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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