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Alex Wideman is a consumer rights advocate, serial entrepreneur and the editor-in-chief of Cansumer. He has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Queen's University. He is passionate about helping others save time and money and has been creating consumer-focused online resources for over 10 years. More about Cansumer

Alcohol Pricing & Tax Increases in Canada – Explained

Beer is 45% – or “half tax” only if it was made by a major beer company, eg. Molson, Labatt, Sleeman and Moosehead, you don’t consider deposits part of the retail price – and the year is 2018.

For craft breweries in Ontario in 2023, 29% of the retail price of their beer goes to the government.

Junk Fees in Canada – Examples & Send Us Yours

Our guide to junk fees in Canada, including real life examples used by companies in banking, telecom, airlines and events as well as what laws may apply and where you can submit a complaint about the pricing practice.

How to Save Money on Groceries in Canada

Cooking your own meals at home can be a great way to save money as it is much less expensive than buying takeout or delivery. However, grocery shopping can easily become as or even more costly if you don’t make a plan ahead of time, stick to your list and know where to look.

Dollarama – What They Sell and Shopping Tips

In general, short lived, disposable, non-consumable products are the best products to buy at Dollarama – particularly those that are discarded after one use. The quality may be low, but the difference is negligible and won’t matter if they get thrown out after use.

Koodo Mobile Review – Is Koodo worth it in 2023?

Koodo Mobile once had the best phone plans out there with good financing and some family-plan benefits, but their data speed has been throttled and resold to customers as a perk, and their plans are average – the value isn’t what it once was.