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Alex Wideman

Alex Wideman is a consumer rights advocate, serial entrepreneur and the editor-in-chief of Cansumer. He has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Queen's University. He is passionate about helping others save time and money and has been creating consumer-focused online resources for over 10 years. More about Cansumer

Why are phone plans so expensive in Canada?

Ask any Canadian and they’ll likely tell you: yes – we pay more for our mobile service than other countries – particularly for data. But how much more do we actually pay compared to similar countries such as the US and Australia?

How HVAC and Energy Scams Work

Year-after-year, new brands use new sales tricks and legal loopholes to sell rental contracts and cash out by selling to asset management companies for millions of dollars – that are taken from the pockets of unsuspecting homeowners.

Drug Dispensing Fees in Canada by Pharmacy

The average out-of-pocket dispensing fee in Canada is $10.88 and varies primarily based on provincial drug program fee caps, type of pharmacy and how many other pharmacies are nearby (local competition).

Temu in Canada – What you need to know

Temu is an online dollar store that sells unbranded products made in China for lower prices than you might find on Amazon and competes with AliExpress and Wish.com.