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Junk Fees in Canada – Examples & Send Us Yours

Our guide to junk fees in Canada, including real life examples used by companies in banking, telecom, airlines and events as well as what laws may apply and where you can submit a complaint about the pricing practice.

9 Best Debt Consolidation Loan Options in Canada

It’s hard to save for the future and enjoy life now when debt holds such a large claim on your paycheck. Consolidating your debt can potentially lower your interest rates, and make your debt more manageable overall.

Income Tax Payment Options in Canada

Individuals and businesses can use Online banking, Pre-authorized debit through CRA My Account and CRA’s My Payment to pay their income taxes with no fees.

How much is Amazon Prime Canada? Is it worth it in 2023?

If your online shopping is done primarily on Amazon and your orders are frequent, small, last-minute and/or as-needed (ie you ran out of toilet paper and need some tomorrow), or if you value convenience over all else, I recommend Amazon Prime.