Lowest Halloween Candy Prices in Canada


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Looking to buy some Halloween candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters that will soon arrive at your door? And maybe some extra to snack on yourself?

We’ve collected prices of the usual from the usual brands of individually wrapped Halloween treats: Mars, Hershey’s and Nestle to see which of the major retailers – Costco, Amazon, Canadian Tire, NoFrills and Walmart – offer the best pre-Halloween prices per gram on bars, candy and full size chocolate bars.

Note: all prices were collected on October 12, 2022 and were accurate at time of publication, but may have since changed.

Reading this after Halloween? Retailer’s excess stock of Halloween chocolate and candy goes on deep discounts on the week of November 1st, so you can click through to see if they still have any stock available of your favourite treats.

Halloween candy prices from lowest price per gram

ProductLinkPriceSize (g)Price per 100g
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 155Costco In-Store (exp. Oct 19)$14.991860$0.81
Hershey’s Assorted Chocolate and Candy 75Walmart$5.97661$0.90
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 70No Frills$7.99825$0.97
Hershey’s Assorted Chocolate CandyAmazon (Oct 11 & 12 only)$14.531500$0.97
Kerr’s Molasses Kisses 80Save On Foods$5.99600$1.00
Mars Assorted Chocolate Candy 65No Frills$7.99782$1.02
Maynards Assorted Halloween Fun Treats 90Walmart$11.771120$1.05
Hershey’s Candy and Chocolate 100Canadian Tire$11.991100$1.09
Frito Lay Variety Pack 54 x 28gCostco In-Store (exp. Oct 16)$17.491512$1.16
Kerr’s Molasses Kisses 80Canadian Tire$6.99600$1.17
Mars Assorted Chocolate Candy 50Walmart$7.47601$1.24
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 30Walmart$5.98468$1.28
Mars Full Size Bars Pack of 18Costco In-Store (exp. Oct 16)$11.99916$1.31
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 90Amazon$13.991050$1.33
Nestle Assorted Chocolate Candy 50Walmart$6.97505$1.38
Nestle Assorted Chocolate Candy 50Walmart$6.97505$1.38
Lay’s Wavy OriginalWalmart$8.97640$1.40
Doritos Nacho CheeseWalmart$8.97640$1.40
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 90Walmart$14.971050$1.43
Mars Assorted Chocolate Candy 95Walmart$16.471150$1.43
Hershey’s Assorted Chocolate and Candy 125Walmart$15.471080$1.43
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 70Walmart$12.47825$1.51
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 70Walmart$12.47825$1.51
Maynards Assorted Halloween Fun Treats 90Canadian Tire$16.991120$1.52
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 45Walmart$8.47554$1.53
Mars Assorted Chocolate Candy 95Canadian Tire$17.991160$1.55
Hershey’s Assorted Chocolate and Candy 75No Frills$10.99661$1.66
Nestle Assorted Chocolate Candy 100Amazon$16.991020$1.67
Nestle Mini Bars 70Canadian Tire$9.99590$1.69
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 30Canadian Tire$7.99468$1.71
Nestle Assorted Chocolate Candy 100Canadian Tire$17.991020$1.76
Cadbury Assorted Chocolate 90Save On Foods$17.991000$1.80
Pringles OriginalWalmart$10.97608$1.80
Smartfood Popcorn White CheddarWalmart$8.97480$1.87
Hershey’s Assorted Chocolate Candy 50Canadian Tire$10.99567$1.94
Hershey’s Assorted Chocolate Candy 50No Frills$10.99567$1.94
Hershey’s Candy and Chocolate 50No Frills$10.99565$1.95
Maynards Assorted Halloween Fun Treats$10.98562$1.95
Maynards Assorted Halloween Fun Treats 45Canadian Tire$10.99562$1.96
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 70Canadian Tire$15.49788$1.97
Cadbury Assorted Chocolate 45Canadian Tire$9.99501$1.99
Mars Assorted Chocolate Candy 50Canadian Tire$11.99598$2.01
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size$11.48554$2.07
Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 45Canadian Tire$10.99528$2.08
Hershey’s Full Size Chocolate BarsNo Frills$14.99674$2.22
Nestle Assorted Chocolate Candy Full Size BarsCanadian Tire$16.99638$2.66
Hershey’s Full Size Chocolate BarsAmazon$19.99705$2.84
Hershey’s Full Size Chocolate BarsAmazon$19.99705$2.84

Cheapest Halloween candy by retailer

BusinessMin (per 100g)Average (per 100g)Max (per 100g)
Costco In-Store$0.81$1.09$1.31
Save On Foods$1.00$1.40$1.80
No Frills$0.97$1.63$2.22
Canadian Tire$1.09$1.79$2.66

Costco warehouses in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes offered a limited time sales on the Starburst & Skittles Fun Size 155 and Mars Assorted Chocolate Candy 50, making them the cheapest place to get Halloween candy during that pre-Halloween window.

Save On Foods and Walmart offered the next best average prices, with Walmart offering by far the best selection from the major candy brands. NoFrills and Canadian Tire offered mid-range prices, while outside of Prime Early Access Sale deals, Amazon and were the most expensive.

Cheapest Halloween candy by type

TypeMin (per 100g)Average (per 100g)Max (per 100g)
Full Size Bars$1.31$2.20$2.84

Candy was slightly cheaper on average than chips and chocolate bars, while full size bars were actually the most expensive when bought in multi-packs. This is somewhat surprising given their bulkier nature (more grams of product) and less packaging required.

If you’re interested in buying full size chocolate bars to give out (which I was very excited to receive as a kid), consider checking if there are any sales on individually sold chocolate bars. For example, at the time of writing this, NoFrills had a sale which cut the price to $1.45 to $1.70 per 100g – similar to the cost of their Halloween products at the time.

Full size chocolate bars at:

Cheapest Halloween candy by brand

BrandMin (per 100g)Average (per 100g)Max (per 100g)

On average, Mars’ candy and chocolate were the cheapest, followed by Maynard’s and Hershey’s. Nestle and Cadbury were the most expensive.

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We’re interested to know – are you planning on handing out Halloween candy this year? What kind of chocolate or candy do you usually give out? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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