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Lowest Halloween Candy Prices in Canada

Walmart offered the lowest prices on average, offering the best selection of Halloween candy from the major brands. NoFrills and Canadian Tire offered mid-range prices, while Amazon and Well.ca were the most expensive.

Ontario Green Savings Group Reviews & Complaints

Ontario Green Savings sells long-term rental contracts for home appliances including water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners that end up charging multiple times more than the equipment is actually worth and cost tens of thousands of dollars to cancel or break.

Canadian Bank Institution Numbers

An institution number is a unique 3-digit code that is used to identify a particular bank or financial institution and route electronic transactions to and from it. Here are the numbers for each bank in Canada.

What is a Routing Number in Canada? Where to find it

In Canada, the routing number for electronic fund transfers (EFT) such as direct deposit from employers, pre-authorized debit (PAD), bill payments, and wire transfers is made up of a leading zero, followed by your 3 digit institution number and 5 digit transit number.

Enercare Reviews & Complaints

Enercare installs, rents and services water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners to 1.9 million customers in Canada and the US.