Canada’s Most Fuel Efficient Trucks in 2020

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Updated February 9, 2021

The following is a comparison of the most fuel efficient trucks by size (small and standard) and fuel type (diesel and gas) available in Canada in 2020. There are no plug-in hybrid trucks and no battery-electric trucks available, but rumours suggest they are coming soon.

Most fuel efficient trucks comparison

TruckTypeSizeBase MSRPCityHwyCombEngineTrans.Notes
Chevrolet Colorado 2WDDieselSmall$40,29811.87.910.12.8L 4 cyl, turbo-dieselA62WD Extended Cab, Long Box
GMC Canyon 2WDDieselSmall$41,77311.87.910.12.8L 4 cyl, turbo-dieselA62WD Extended Cab, Long Box
Colorado 4WDDieselSmall$44,72812.38.510.62.8L 4 cyl, turbo-dieselA64WD Extended Cab, Long Box
GMC Canyon 4WDDieselSmall$45,89812.38.510.62.8L 4 cyl, turbo-dieselA64WD Crew Cab, Short Box
Colorado 2WDGasSmall$24,09812. 4 cylA62WD, Extended Cab, Long Box
GMC Canyon 2WDGasSmall$24,79812. 4 cylA62WD Extended Cab SL
Colorado 4WDGasSmall$31,19812.69.711.32.5L 4cylA64WD Extended Cab, Long Box
Toyota Tacoma 4WD Access CabGasSmall$37,45012.710.611.72.7L 4 cylAS6Tacoma not available in 2WD in Canada, even though the NRC lists one. The Double Cab (4 doors) adds only $1,000 to base MSRP
Chevrolet SilveradoDieselStandard$50,52310. 6 cyl, turbo-dieselA102WD, Double Cab, Standard Bed
Chevrolet Silverado 4WDDieselStandard$54,32310.489.43.0L 6 cyl, turbo-dieselA104WD, Double Cab, Standard Bed
Ram 1500 EcoDieselDieselStandardNA10.57.393.0L 6 cyl, turbo-dieselA8usually $5,800 or $3,900 option
Ram 1500 4X4 EcoDieselDieselStandardNA11.189.73.0L 6 cyl, turbo-dieselA8usually $5,800 or $3,900 option
Ram 1500 Rebel EcoDieselDieselStandard$64,84511.189.73.0L 6 cyl, turbo-dieselA8for Rebel 4WD, Quad Cab, 1951 mm box (the diesel engine is only available on some trims at the moment, this is the lowest MSRP Ram with the diesel at the moment)
Ford F-150GasStandard$33,039128.910.62.7L 6 cyl, turboAS10Regular Cab with 2.7L engine and 10 spd transmission ($700 option on Regular Cab)
Ram 1500 eTorqueGasStandard$44,44511.99.410.83.6L 6 cyl, mild hybridA8
Ford F-150 FFVGasStandard$32,33912.19.310.83.3L 6 cylAS6Regular Cab.
Ram 1500 4X4 eTorqueGasStandard$48,44512.29.711.13.6L 6 cyl, mild hybridA8
Ford F-150 4X4GasStandard$45,98413. 6 cyl, turboAS10SuperCab and Power Equipment Group
Chevrolet SilveradoGasStandard$33,14313.910.112.25.3L 8 cylA8Regular Cab, Long Bed
Chevrolet Silverado 4WDGasStandard$37,14314.310.612.65.3L 8 cylA84WD Regular Cab, Long Bed
Ram 1500 eTorqueGasStandard$61,94014.110.312.45.7L 8 cyl, mild hybridA8Laramie; Quad Cab, 1951 mm box
Ram 1500 eTorque 4WDGasStandard$65,94014.210.912.85.7L 8 cyl, mild hybridA8Laramie; Quad Cab, 1951 mm box
Ram 1500GasStandard$46,34516.210.513.65.7L 8 cylA8Quad Cab, 1951 mm box
Ram 1500 4X4GasStandard$50,34516.11113.85.7L 8 cylA8Quad Cab, 1951 mm box
Ford F-150GasStandard$35,38914.310.612.65.0L 8 cylAS10Regular Cab, 1981 mm box
Ford F-150 4X4GasStandard$39,83915.111.613.55.0L 8 cylAS10Regular Cab, 1981 mm box
  • Fuel economy is quoted in litres per 100km (L/100km).
  • Yearly Fuel Cost is based on an annual driving distance of 20,000 km, and an average fuel price of $1.09 per litre.
  • Diesel-engine trucks cost more to buy, but they are more efficient and they have better towing ability.

Fuel economy has never been better and vehicle emissions are at a record low, so besides being durable and useful, a truck that is good on fuel can save you thousands of dollars over time.

Small trucks

2020 Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon

Diesel engine

  • Base MSRP: $40,298 (Colorado) / $41,773 (Canyon)
  • Economy: 11.8 / 7.9 / 10.1
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $2,626
  • Engine: 2.8L 4 cyl turbo-diesel

Gasoline engine

  • Base MSRP: $27,098 (Colorado) / $29,498 (Canyon)
  • Economy: 12.1 / 9.2 / 10.8 
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $2,808
  • Engine: 2.5L 4 cyl

The Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon are almost identical small trucks, made by what is basically the same company. There are slight differences, but they share the same engines and transmissions, making their fuel economy numbers the same. 

The base model Chevrolet Colorado is the two-wheel drive, Extended Cab, Long Box (1,880 mm) with the 2.5L engine. But the Extended Cab models have small back seats, so most buyers will want the Crew Cab, Short Box (1,567 mm) that starts at $28,798.  

The most basic four-wheel drive Colorado is an Extended Cab, Long Box with the 2.5L engine, and a starting price of $31,198 (12.6 / 9.7 / 11.3, $2,938). Four-wheel drive and the Crew Cab come only with a 3.6L 6 cylinder engine (starting at $34,098, with 14.0 / 9.9 / 12.2, $3,172).

The most economical of all small trucks is actually the Colorado with a 2.8L 4 cylinder diesel engine. The diesel version comes with two-wheel drive (base MSRP $40,298 and 11.8 / 7.9 / 10.1, $2,626) or four-wheel drive (base MSRP $44,728 and 12.3 / 8.5 / 10.6, $2,756).

If you decide to cross-shop the Colorado and the Canyon, the Canyon does not offer four-wheel drive or a Long Box with the 2.5L engine. You will need to go with the Chevrolet Colorado if you want to keep costs down on purchase price and on fuel. 

2020 Toyota Tacoma

  • Base MSRP: $37,450
  • Economy: 12.7 / 10.6 / 11.7
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $3,042
  • Engine: 2.7L 4 cyl

Four-wheel drive comes standard on every Toyota Tacoma. The base model is the 4X4 Access Cab (2 doors, very small back seats, and an 1,872 mm bed), but you can get 4 doors and adult-sized back seats in the base 4X4 Double Cab for only $1,000 more. The Tacoma Double Cab is the perfect truck if you want 4 doors, four-wheel drive, and an economical, gas-powered 4 cylinder engine — in fact, it is the only small truck you can get with that particular combination. 

Standard-sized diesel trucks

2020 Chevrolet Silverado

  • Base MSRP:  $50,523
  • Economy: 10.2 / 7.2 / 8.9
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $2,314
  • Engine: 3.0L 6 cyl, turbo-diesel

The most economical standard-sized truck with a diesel engine is the Chevrolet Silverado that comes with a Double Cab and Standard Bed (2,018 mm). It is a struggle to fit a child seat or adults in the back seats of the Double Cab, so the Crew Cab, Short Bed (1,776 mm) with a base MSRP of $52,223, is the truck you want for saving money on fuel and carrying more than 2 adults. If you want four-wheel drive, the base MSRP is $54,323 and you give up some fuel economy (10.4 / 8.0 / 9.4, $2,444). 

2020 Ram 1500

  • Base MSRP: $64,845*
  • Economy: 11.1 / 8.0 / 9.7 
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $2,522
  • Engine: 3.0L 6 cyl, turbo-diesel

*Base MSRP is for the Rebel 4WD, Quad Cab, 1951 mm box (see below)

Like all pick-up trucks, the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel comes in many trims and with many available options. For now, the least expensive Ram 1500 you can get with the diesel engine is the Rebel 4WD, Quad Cab, 1951 mm box, due to limited availability of the EcoDiesel engine. Usually you can make any Ram 1500 an EcoDiesel by selecting the 3.0L 6 cylinder turbo-diesel engine as an option ($5,800 more on the Tradesman or Big Horn trims, or $3,900 more on the Rebel, Laramie, Longhorn, or Limited trims). The diesel engine and 2WD get better fuel economy (10.5 / 7.3 / 9.0, $2,340).

As with other trucks, you will pay more for more spacious rear seats. The Ram with the Quad Cab is the smaller version with back seats that have barely enough room for child seats or adults. The Crew Cab is much larger, with plenty of rear seat room for passengers ($2,100 more for the 2WD, and $1,700 more for the 4WD with the shorter 1737 mm box). 

Standard-sized gas trucks

2020 Ford F-150

  • Base MSRP: $33,039
  • Economy: 12.0 / 8.9 / 10.6
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $2,756
  • Engine: 2.7L 6 cyl, turbo

The Ford F-150 tops the list of fuel efficient pickup trucks with gasoline engines, if you opt for the 4X2 with the 2.7L 6 cylinder engine and the 10 speed automatic transmission ($700 extra on the base model). The base 4X2 F-150 comes with the 3.3L 6 cylinder and a 6 speed automatic, called the F-150 FFV (flexible-fuel vehicle, it can run well with gasoline and ethanol or methanol fuels), but the larger engine and 4 fewer gears make it less efficient (12.1 / 9.3 / 10.8, $2,808). Either truck comes standard with a Regular Cab (so only 2 or 3 seats) and a 1981 mm box. 

Most buyers want more than a Regular Cab base model that makes you pay extra for features that drivers have come to expect (cruise control, power door locks, power windows).

If you want an F-150 with the 2.7L engine, usable back seats, and these expected features, get the SuperCab and add the Power Equipment Group (MSRP $41,484 for very small back seats) or the SuperCrew, which includes the Power Equipment Group (MSRP $42,419 for roomy back seats). Finally, if you want 4X4 as well, you have to stick to the smaller back seats of the SuperCab (MSRP $45,984), but you will lose some fuel efficiency (13.1 / 10.2 / 11.8, $3,068). For a 4X4 F-150 with the larger back seats of the SuperCrew, you have to get a V8 engine. 

2020 Ram 1500 HFE eTorque

  • Base MSRP: $44,445
  • Economy: 11.9 / 9.4 / 10.8
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $2,808
  • Engine: 3.6L 6 cyl, mild hybrid

The most fuel efficient gas-powered Ram 1500 has a 3.6L 6 cylinder, mild hybrid engine (Ram uses the name eTorque for a mild hybrid system paired with a gasoline engine). The base model is the Tradesman that comes standard with the Quad Cab (smaller back seats) and the 1951 mm box. The 4X4 model adds $4,000 to the price and increases fuel consumption (12.2 / 9.7 / 11.1, $2,886). You can have the Crew Cab (larger back seats) for an extra $2,100. 

V8 trucks

2020 Chevrolet Silverado

  • Base MSRP: $33,143
  • Economy: 13.9 / 10.1 / 12.2
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $3,172
  • Engine: 5.3L V8

The base model Chevrolet Silverado with the 5.3L V8 is the Regular Cab, Long Bed (2,494 mm). To get a larger cab, you have 3 size options: the Double Cab with the Standard Bed (2,018 mm) adds $4,800, the Crew Cab with the Short Bed (1,776 mm) adds $7,300, and the Crew Cab with the Standard Bed (2,018 mm) adds $7,800. Four-wheel drive is an extra $3,800 ($4,000 on the Regular Cab), and reduces fuel economy (14.3 / 10.6 / 12.6, $3,276). 

2020 Ram 1500

  • Base MSRP: $46,345
  • Economy: 16.2 / 10.5 / 13.6
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $3,536
  • Engine: 5.7L V8

The Ram 1500 base model with a V8 is a 5.7L, but the most fuel efficient gas-powered V8 is the eTorque 5.7L mild hybrid (14.1 / 10.3 / 12.4, $3,224), though you have to get the Laramie trim, so the base MSRP increases to $61,940. Four-wheel drive is an extra $4,000 with either engine, and reduces fuel economy on the 5.7L V8 (16.1 / 11.0 / 13.8, $3,588) and on the eTorque 5.7L V8 (14.2 / 10.9 / 12.8, $3,328).   

2020 Ford F-150

  • Base MSRP: $35,389
  • Economy: 14.3 / 10.6 / 12.6
  • Yearly Fuel Cost: $3,276
  • Engine: 5.0L V8

The base model Ford F-150 with the 5.0L V8 is the Regular Cab, with the Standard Box (1,981 mm). The SuperCab starts at $41,519 and the SuperCrew at $44,769. If you need 4X4 with your V8, it is an extra $4,500 on Regular Cab or SuperCab, and an extra $3,150 on the SuperCrew, though with 4X4 you lose some fuel economy (15.1 / 11.6 / 13.5, $3,510). 

Heavy-duty trucks

Heavy-duty trucks are available from the major manufacturers, but NRCAN (Natural Resources Canada) focuses on the amount of emissions they release, not their fuel economy. If you are interested in a really large and powerful truck, check out the Chevrolet Silverado HD, the GMC Sierra Heavy Duty, the Ford Super Duty, or the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500

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