From SUVs and minivans to tires and dash cameras, our team recommends the best vehicles to buy and accessories to equip them with to help you find and maintain the best car for you and your family.

Canada’s Most Fuel Efficient Trucks in 2020

A guide to the most fuel efficient trucks by size (small and standard) and fuel type (diesel and gas). There are no plug-in hybrid or electric trucks yet, but rumours suggest they are coming soon.

Canada’s Most Fuel Efficient SUVs in 2020

SUV fuel economy has never been better and vehicle emissions are at a record low, so there are also a number of SUV models in Canada that are worth looking into if your goal is to save money and/or reduce your environmental impact.

25 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in Canada in 2020

Saving money on fuel while getting where you need to go has become a top desire among Canadian car buyers. Whether you want to help preserve the environment, save money, or both, when you need a new car this list will help you decide what type, size class and model is best for you.

Canada’s Best Compact Crossover SUVs in 2020

These models were compared to each other based on performance, safety features, cargo space, interior features, and efficiency. The result is this list — the best small SUVs and crossovers in Canada.

10 Best 7 Seater SUVs in Canada

Larger SUVs allow you to do it all. They support a busy and active lifestyle, with lots of room for sporting equipment and plenty of friends. They can fit everyone and everything a family needs on a road trip or camping adventure.

Best All-Season Tires in Canada

When shopping for all-season tires you should focus on a few key things: traction, treadwear, road noise, ride quality, fuel efficiency, and bang for your buck.

Best Winter Tires for Canadian Winters

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 is the best overall winter tires in Canada thanks to their deep tread blocks with an arrow-like design that channels water and slush away from the tire.