From winter coats and curling wands to moisturizers and yoga pants, our team finds and recommends the best beauty products, clothing and personal care products that are available in Canada – and highlighting those that are made in Canada!

Best Winter Socks in Canada – Reviews & Buying Guide

When winter arrives, do you find your feet are freezing, which makes you hesitant to spend time outdoors? In addition to proper footwear, you should also invest in socks that keep your toes toasty without leaving them feeling sweaty.

Best Pajamas for Women in Canada

Pajamas are one of the most essential clothing items in a woman’s wardrobe. The soft and comfortable fabric can be one of the biggest influencing factors to help you achieve a night of sound, uninterrupted and quality sleep.

24 Best Free Beauty Samples in Canada

We’ve rounded up some awesome freebies for the most important person in your household – your baby! Little one’s can be expensive, so be sure to take advantage of these free offers that are available to you right now.

Best Lip Balms in Canada – Reviews & Buying Guide

Having dry or chapped lips is one of those small discomforts that can take away from the most enjoyable experiences. When slightly dry, they feel a little tight and uncomfortable, but at the height of winter weather they can become extremely irritated even to the point of splitting or cracking.

Best Hair Dryers in Canada – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are a lot of different hair dryers out there and we know it can be overwhelming to pick just one. Every individual needs a quality hair dryer in their arsenal to dry hair quickly, control frizz, or even just to use as a styling product.

Best Self-Tanners in Canada – Reviews & Buying Guide

There’s nothing wrong with having fair skin and owning it, but if you look in the mirror and feel sallow or if you have a vacation coming up and you don’t want your skin blending into the sandy beach, then getting a tan might be in order.

Best Skin Care Products in Canada

If your experience has been more akin to standing at the drugstore, looking at a massive wall of bottles and jars with confusion, then we’re here to make it easy, with a selection of the best skin care products available in Canada under each of the must-have product categories.